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Stakeholders in a business

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We are all stakeholders in businesses. This means we all have interest in businesses and can influence the way it operates. We are stakeholders in schools, colleges and shops we buy things from. We are stakeholders in places were we spend money as a customer. We have interest in them because if they close down or relocated or don't stock the items we want, we would probably be inconvenienced. We have an influence on them because if we pass a remark, make a suggestion or register a complaint they may listen, and if they receive the same remark or complaint from a few customers, they would be wise to take some action. ...read more.


For example one stakeholder would be the customers. This example of stakeholder would have an interest in the business because they would want to buy the products the business is selling. They also would want more value for their money and the goods the business is selling should be meeting their expectations. Employees The employee would be interested in the business because they would want the business to succeed and make more money than other businesses around the community. This is because if the business does badly and ends up closing down many employees would be out of a job leaving them unemployed and they wouldn't be making money. ...read more.


Government The government keeps an interest in the business because a successful firm would be good for the government as it creates them with wealth and employment. The government also receives taxes from the profits that the business makes. Financers Financers are groups or organisations that lend loans to businesses! They keep an interest in the business because they want the business to do well so in addition they can have their loan repaying on time. All of these stakeholders have an interest in the business to make their money at the same time or get better value for their money. However some stakeholders keep an interest in the business to influence how the business operates. This type of stakeholder is called pressure groups. An example of something they would do is stopping the business from polluting the local environment. ...read more.

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