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Steps to Setting Up an Online Business

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Task 1: What needs to be planned and considered before a business sets up an online presence? Is the business well suited to online activity? Before a business goes online, the first question is whether it should have an online website at all, is it suited to online activity? They have to think about what they can offer their customers and what they will benefit from setting up. For example JD Sports is the leader in the British Clothing Industry, they retail in sports clothing and accessories such as designer trainers, so it would be suited for an online presence. ...read more.


The only drawback is when you would not know how to create a website and may be unfamiliar with the software and end up starting with an unprofessional site. Have you got the technical skills in the business to set up what you want? When setting up an online business you have to think about whether you have the right skills to create one if not you would have to hire a web designer. If you really did want to set up a website if you inexperienced in creating one, you would be recommended to go on a course, and build your website building skills, this would be good for qualifications or if you wanted to go in a website building business. ...read more.


UK businesses will usually also register common spelling mistakes of their name, so that anyone who spells the site name wrong will be automatically directed to the main site. Do you offer online transactions? This means if you are going to sell products on your website. You have to take into account whether you are going purchase a delivery van or hire one. Is it a passive or interactive? Passive means that it just supplies information, it has to be suitable for the type of business they running. Interactive is when you sell goods online, and have to make sure that you are selling the correct type of items, another thing about going interactive is you have to remember to update the site so that it is showing up-to-date information. ...read more.

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