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Strategic Human Resource Management.

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HRM 3007 Strategic Human Resource Management Module Assignment Name: Claire Duff Student Number: Course: BA Business Studies Year: 4 Tutor: Kevin Lamb I would expect a medium or large organisation to be continually updating their recruitment and selection strategy Due to the importance recruitment and selection pose to the future of the organisation and I would hope that the organisation would consider many of the following. The first area an organisation would look at is its advertisement strategy. The fundamental question would be how to target the relevant mediums to reach potential employees and what is required to attract the right employee for the job and the company. This would then mean that the organisation would have the capacity to attract a broad range of potential candidates from all ethnic backgrounds and areas of the country. Additionally, in conjunction with advertising a cost effective scheme could be to implement an award to current employees to introduce potential employees to the organisation. This benefit would only be paid upon the completion of a successful probationary period. Once the candidates had been chosen the next section of strategy would be aimed at improving the interview section of recruitment. The organisational strategy for this section would look to conduct fair interviews to each candidate regardless of skills, experience, race, sex and qualifications. This way the best candidate for the job would be selected rather than a biased choice. Once the interviews have been completed, able and well trained managers would be called upon to select and assess the potential candidates for relevant posts within the organisation. This should be easily achieved through increased sophisticated methods of selection, enabling sound judgements to be made and the correct choice of candidate to be obtained. ...read more.


As with an agency a recruitment consultant will charge a percentage of the first year's basic salary. This will normally be between 15% and 20%. Non-Preferential Interviews and Assessment Days The interview and assessment days are an important moment when the culmination of all the planning and arranging come together. It is a complex moment. This is the first time contact has been made and it is the coming together of two sides of the equation, the candidate and the employer. Much will depend on these vital moments. Opinions will be formed and acted upon from both sides. Interviewing techniques must be honed, as it is important to get this part of the recruitment and selection strategy right. Advertisement, selection and correspondence have all been working towards this goal and it is imperative that everything goes to plan. It is a time when decisions, which can have far reaching effects both for the applicant and the organisation, have to be made. Above all it must be fair minded, a level playing field. In the highly publicised equal opportunities world in which we live, it is most important that the interview is undertaken without prejudice. There can be no discrimination against sex, race or age. It is imperative that the interviewer must be impartial at all times. The best candidate for the job is paramount and everything else is of secondary importance. Referrals This type of recruitment and selection is growing in popularity in the non specialist field. This is a process that offers current employees financial incentives and benefits for recommending friends or family for vacancies within the organisation. ...read more.


Safety. In all industry, requirements by law, say that employees must be safe within their working environment. This goes as far as offering employees protective clothing, glasses and shoes when necessary in order to perform the requirements of the job. Equipment. Good quality equipment is a must in a modern office. Chairs that support the spine. Desks at the required height and computers that are modern and have the latest, or at least relevant, software. Failure to do this can result in RSI "Repetitive Strain Injury" and an employee who becomes frustrated and disenchanted with their job. Some employers offer an added incentive by allowing employees the use of their equipment, i.e. internet and telephone. These items to be used by the employee for their own personal use during non working hours. Subsidies. Under this title there are a number of perquisites larger organisations can offer to employees, which will have a positive effect upon that employee's decision to stay with the company. These are the subsidising of food, drink, membership to sports clubs, supporting charities that employees are interested in and sports and hobby sponsorship. Good communication. Communication is of primary importance. An employee needs to know in which direction an organisation is going financially. That employee also needs to know that his/her job is safe and where they stand within the future structure of the company. Communication allows worries to be aired and concerns to be addressed. A stable and solvent company must produce figures, targets, strategies and objectives on a regular basis. Approachable management. All employees need a good relationship between their manager and themselves. This is an essential part of the working environment. These days an organisation needs to have a policy of "open door" management. This allows employees to approach any manger, at any time with any problem, question or complaint. ...read more.

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