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Stress - Definitions of key terms

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AS Psychology Module 2 - Stress Definitions of key terms AS you know, you will need to provide definitions/explanations of some key terms for each topic in your AS Psychology exams. These definitions will be worth either 2 or 3 marks each. ...read more.


Remember if the question asks for two definitions, both worth 3 marks, you need to provide an example from research that you know about for the terms to get full marks. For example, if the question asks you to describe what a flashbulb memory is for 3 marks you could say that this is a kind of memory that is distinctive from other ...read more.


TASK: Bearing this in mind provide 3 mark definitions for each of the following key terms related to Stress. Put the part of the answer that is the example in brackets, so that you also have a 2 marks answer prepared as well. * Cardiovascular disorders * Control * General adaptation syndrome * Immune system * Life changes * Physiological approaches to stress management * Psychological approaches to stress management * Stress * Stress management * Stressors * Workplace stressors ...read more.

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