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Structure and Purpose of a Newsletter

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Structure and Purpose of a Newsletter The purpose of a newsletter is to show all relevant information that has happened and some information that has happened like a fund raising charity event or time tables. The purpose of this newsletter is to inform the induction tutors of the mentoring program up to now. The main audience for this newsletter is the school teachers. The structure of the newsletter has a simple layout. The Essex County Council logo is in the right sector of the front page of the newsletter and the heading is in bold to make it eye catching and clear. The page is printed on A4 paper in portrait and there is information on both sides of the page. There are many subheadings all are shaded and have bold writing in a rounded off font all talking about different subjects in a smaller font. Under some subheadings there are contact details such as email and phone details. ...read more.


The purpose of this Flyer is to advertise a local business called The Beauty Garden. The Beauty Garden is a professional beauty and treatments centre. The structure of this flyer is on a double sided A5 piece of paper. There is a border of flowers around the front of the flyer, there is no border at the back of the flyer. The title is in a big size and is in a funky style, there is information under the title about where they can park and the telephone and they are qualified for ITEC. The rest of the page is split into two split down the centre, the columns are set up in this order: Body part List of treatments then next to each body treatment there is a set price. On the back the columns continue about one third of the page and on the right of the sector there is all the information about gift vouchers. ...read more.


The Structure and Purpose of a Slide Show The purpose of a slide show is to present information using slides, videos, drawings and pictures to enhance the information. The purpose of this slide show is to present the information using pictures in the style of a film line. The structure of this slide show is all based on an A4 landscape piece of paper, and the background is split up into two colours a dark brown and a light brown splitting vertical. There are six slides all in a film line with a blue background. 2-7 slides all have information about there chosen subject. The title is on the top left on all slides and is in the colour of the left side. The film line has six pictures of happy people all smiling. The Structure and Purpose of a PowerPoint Presentation The purpose of a power point presentation is to present information using various slides, pictures and colours. The purpose of this power point presentation is to present some jokes using twelve slides. The structure of this power point presentation is on twelve landscape slides ?? ?? ?? ?? Daryl Bultitude 20 February 2007 ...read more.

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