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T-mobile is a leader in Hungary compared to the other providers, since it has existed the longest in Hungary and the other two providers are the followers

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T - MOBILE Ltd. (WESTEL) Brief history of the company The begining The company was found in 1989 by the american U.S. WEST and the Hungarian Telecommunications Corporation. Its first company name was Westel R�di�telefon Ltd.. This company introduced an entirely new type of phone, which can be used for telecomunication at any place from home. It is true that in the beginning, very few people lived with this opportunity. There were two basic reasons for this: the narrow endowment (practically only in Budapest), and the extremely high price, which was over quarter million forints. Westel took a great part in the evolvement of the tele-infrastructure which is indespensable for the market economy. Their phones made thousands of businessmen become "mobile", and these businessmen were those people who started to transform the domestic economical relations. It was also true that the evolution couldn't immediately follow the needs and demands. It took almost four years to finish the establishment of the nationwide mobile phone network. To operate a network like this, needed technical backgroung had to be insured. This technical bacground was oferred and given by Ericsson. In 1994 the Westel 900 GSM was estabilished, which offered digital mobile services besides the previously introduced analog system. The spreading of the network was extremely fast. First the GSM network existed in the main cities of every shire, and than they estabilished the services next to the M1 and the M7 highways. ...read more.


PEST ANALYSIS Political and Legal Factors Political factors have increased in toughness for mobile phone operators as phones become more advanced. In particular the way in which billing information is handled in the future will be affected by new anti-terrorist legislation imposed by the government. The 3G mobile phones are expected to obtain data pinpointing the whereabouts of the mobile phone user to within a couple of meters. It is proposed this information is retained in the future for longer periods than mobile operators have done so in the past in order to attempt to locate criminal movement. The Hungarian government has invested in independent research into health affects of mobile phones. The outcomes have been inconclusive, however scientists have stated the use of mobile phones does affect brain activity. This is not proof of damage, however the government is keen to have an answer and this could affect the use of future mobile phones. Otherwise, the mobile operator network is compulsory for the country, meaning that there is a big support from the government. Economic Factors The current economy in Hungary can be described as developing. In such situations the public have an increasing disposable income enabling a trend to spend more money on luxury items. This can be a decisive factor for more people to join the operator service of T-Mobile. Businesses and individuals unsure of their financial standing would begin to spend less on items not deemed necessary. ...read more.


At Vodafone it is the same case a sin Pannon GSM, with the difference that it is the most expencive to buy a phone at Vodafone out of the tree providers. Ont he other hand it is the cheapest to make calls from the Vodafone network and the most expensive to do so from T-mobile's network. All three providers have the pre paid cards available for the custemers. Technological Leadership (Leader or Follower): T-mobile is a leader in Hungary compared to the other providers, since it has existed the longest in Hungary and the other two providers are the followers. Vodafone entered into the Hungarian market the latest, but has already have a pretty good market share because of their attractive priceing strategy as mentioned before. If we look at the worlds market in general, Vodafone is the leader and T-mobile is the follower, since Vodafone exists in much more countries than T-mobile. Pannon GSM is a follower in Hungary and worldwide as well. If we look at their technological side, T-mobile has the best coverege out of the three, since they have built a very good network throughout the years. Pannon GSM comes next on the imagenery stairs, which has good coverege as well, but not as good as T-mobile. Vodafone is on the last place, since they did not have enough time to build a good network yet. This is why when Vodafone was first introduced in Hungary at the beginning they used other providers network towers. 1 http://www.t-mobile.hu/english/aboutus/companyinfo/ ...read more.

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