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Target Market One of my first objective is to attract as many as customers I can to the restaurarant.

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M2 Objectives: * To attract as many as customers I can to the restaurant * To make profit * Remaining very competitive in the market * Target Market One of my first objective is to attract as many as customers i can to the restaurarant. Therefore My restaurant will be looking to attract different types of customers, such as, families, couples and older people. One of my other objectives is to make profit. To achieve this objective, I have to ensure that my restaurant attracts as many customers and in this way more profit will be made. * Theme The theme of the restaurant will be tropical with a wide range of different colours combination, such as, Green, Brown and Yellow. This will show the customers that the place is a very joyful place to visit as it will have many exciting colours on the wall. ...read more.


This means i have also achieved my second objective which was to make profit. After the customers have taken the ride they might also visit my restaurant or some customers may have take away so while they are queuing up, they might as well have light food. * Products and services One of my organisation objectives is to be remaining very competitive in the market. Therefore To be competitive, I need to start offering wide range of product and service to our customers. This means had to sell varieties of food for our customers such as fish & chips, pizza, fried chicken, sandwich, kebab and many more. My other organisation objective is to attract as many as customers I can to the Furnishing Customer would expect the restaurant to have enough facilities that meets their needs. Therefore to meet their expectation, My restaurant would have excellent furniture facilities such as small pedestal tables and chairs. ...read more.


The restaurant will have 1 lift which customers can use to get to the second floor and lift is also useful for disable people and we are also providing toilet facilities to our customer in both floors * Customer flows Customer would expect most restaurants to have two doors, one for entrance and one for exit. This is because if they use same door for both entrance and exit then it will difficult for them to come in and out of the restaurant. The place will be too congested. Therefore to meet the needs of my customer, my restaurant will have automatic doors for customer to use. The entrance will be wide enough for customers to walk in and will be wide enough for wheelchair users to access and out also will be wide enough or , customer to enter and exit at the same time. My restaurant will also provide fast service which allows my customer to get their service a lot quicker. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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