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task 5(distinctions) btec 1st

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TASK 5 (D1):- Evaluate the effectiveness of the execution of a sales promotion for a selected product or service, recommending improvements. In this task I will have to give the strengths of my sale promotion, I will say if it worked well and why it did and then I will list the weaknesses of my promotion and say why they were weak. I will describe that I worked in a team and the bad and good points of our team work. Then I will say how popular the promotion is, will it be appealing and will it be successful. Lastly I will recommend ways to improve the promotion in the future. The strengths of my promotion are:- * The promotional theme * The promotional message * Location * Timescale Why these are strengths: I think that the promotional theme is reasonable "special offers" usually people look around for special offers so if any one see this on a sale promotion hey will be automatically attracted towards it. So I think that the promotional theme has a strong affect on people to attract them and get them into the shop. ...read more.


I enjoyed the amount of time I spent with them and learnt a lot about how to work with others. The bad point about our team work was that sometimes both of my team workers was not in a mood of doing work and I would be alone trying to do my part or either pushing them to do their work. It took a lot of time agreeing on one thing like the design or the writing or the ideas as we all had to agree to what the promotion would be like. So we had to communicate a lot and make them understand that this design would be suitable. I think that the promotion will be appealing and will be a success as the promotion does stand out. But I will recommend ways to improve the promotion in the future like I think we shall change the style of writing, the font sizes, like make the font a bit funky and eye catching. Add many bright colours into the promotion. Show the image of the Nokia N70 in many styles like side way, back, etc. list the features up instead of writing it as sentence so that it would be easy for the customers to read. ...read more.


Dealing with dissatisfied customers:- Current situation: Customers' expectations and needs are not meet in terms of quality of product or service provided. Improvement: Phone 4 U should do market research to find out what their customer expectations are and accordingly to the research should manufacture their mobile phones. Customers get dissatisfied because of:- * The performance of the staff or product, * Unrealistic expectations of the staff or product, * Misunderstanding. Phone 4 U should deal with customers by realizing that:- * customers are the main key stake holder and should be kept happy, * Phone 4 U depends on the customers and not the customer depend on them, * Customers are the main purpose of the work, * The employee job is to satisfy the customer, * Customers must get the most attention, courteous and all that a business can provide. Handling customers with special needs:- Current situation: customers with special needs are lack of communicational skills so the staffs are not bothered to communicate back with them. The store does not have a proper accessibility. Improvements: staff trained to communicate in different ways. Staff should understand to treat them equally. The store should design their layout so that it is easy for the customers to shop around or look around. ...read more.

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