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Task 6 Competitors

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Task 6 Competitors Name of competitor? How does the competitor compete on product? How does the competitor compete on price? How does the competitor market and promote their products? How does the competitor compete on customer service? Leeds and Bradford airport. > Manchester airport fly to all continents Leeds and Bradford airports don't. > Leeds and Bradford airports have fewer shops, cafes and restaurants than Manchester airport. > Fewer airlines fly from Leeds and Bradford airport than Manchester airport. This means customers have less choice. > Leeds and Bradford airports have lesser parking space than Manchester airport. > Leeds and Bradford airports don't have a hotel on site where Manchester airport do. > Flights from Leeds and Bradford airport are more expensive than flights from Manchester airport. > Parking is cheaper at Leeds and Bradford airport than at Manchester airport. > Leeds and Bradford airport have their own budget airline called Jet 2, this products value for money for customers. > Budget airlines fly from Manchester airport but are not owned by Manchester airport. > Airports taxes are the same at Manchester airport and at Leeds and Bradford airport. ...read more.


This attracts customer's attention and this is quite cheap as well. > Birmingham airport advertise on the side of busses and on the side of HGV'S (Heavy good vehicles). This is also cost effective. > Birmingham airport advertise in travel magazines & travel brochures. This is cost effective and reaches the target audience. > Birmingham airport's promotional campaign is not as high profile as Manchester airports. > Birmingham airport offer the following services: * Shops and cafes. * Facilities (such as toilets + disabled facilities). * Tannoy announcements for flights. * Flight times on screens. * Tannoy announcements for missing passengers. Cruise ships. > Cruise ships offer a different type of service. Customer's holidays start the minutes they get on boards. > Meals and accommodation are included in the prize. > Facilities such as swimming pool, cinema, casino, game room and a driving range. > They have a spa. > The cruise ships have shops but passengers have less choice then at Manchester airport. Cruise ships are very expensive because everything is included. Cruise ships are much more expensive than flights offered by Manchester airport. ...read more.


For these reasons Heathrow airport & Gatwick airport sponsor local universities - this is relatively cheap. Heathrow airport & Gatwick airport advertise in travel brochures - this is cost effective. The services offered by Heathrow airport & Gatwick airport are very similar to the service offered by Manchester airport. When doing research I could not find any major differences between the services offered. Railway travel service. Manchester airport offer flights to every continent. When travelling on the train you can only travel to the UK destinations. Only selected trains offer a cafe service. A flight from Leeds and Bradford to London costs �__________ with jet 2. A train ticket from Leeds to London costs �__________ with virgin trains. This shows that rail/air/travel is cheaper. Most railway travel providers advertise on bill boards. This is relatively cheap. Virgin trains and GNER (Great North England Travel) advertise on the TV. This is very effective but expensive way of advertising. Some newspapers suggest that train providers offer poor customer service as trains are regularly late or completely full. The government are working with these companies to improve this poor customer service. By Ahsanul Islam ?? ?? ?? ?? Ahsanul Islam 10 YER 1 ...read more.

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