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Tesco Customer Service.

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Here is my description of different customers of Tesco, their expectations and what customer service is within Tesco. Customer service is the assistance Tesco grant their customers. Customer service is how well Tesco satisfy their customers. All individual customers of Tesco have different needs and expectations; they like to be provided with different services so that they feel more at ease when shopping. Our core purpose Our core purpose is to create value for customers to earn their lifetime loyalty. Our success depends on people. The people who shop with us and the people who work with us. If our customers like what we offer, they are more likely to come back and shop with us again. If the Tesco team find what we do rewarding, they are more likely to go that extra mile to help our customers. This is expressed as two key values: * No-one tries harder for customers, and * Treat people as we like to be treated. We regularly ask our customers and our staff what we can do to make shopping with us and working with us that little bit better. ...read more.


* Dealing quickly with any customer enquires; Tesco need to reply promptly to customer complaints about poor service and products. The customers will expect contact information so that they can contact head offices for complaints. Tesco provide this contact information on receipts, on their internet site and in stores. You can also go to the customer service desk in the Tesco store. The employees will expect a good rate of pay; they will expect to be paid more than minimum wage and possibly a better salary than other leading supermarkets pay their employees. They will also expect to be treated with respect, the employees practically run Tesco so it is in Tesco's best interests to give their employees the respect they deserve. The employees will also expect the chance to get promoted and move up the ranks in the organisation so that they will get better jobs and salaries. The suppliers will expect their products to be well advertised and promoted in the store. They will also expect Tesco to do bulk buying and pay with appropriate payments. For Tesco to have a good customer service It means that they have to keep customers happy. ...read more.


If Tesco see a trend in the complaints about a particular part of the customer service then Tesco will try to improve upon it. The same will apply for products or service. If a trend is spotted Tesco will try to improve upon it. How Tesco collect their information to measure customer satisfaction. Tesco collect data using clubcards. Tesco offer the clubcard to customers so that they can benefit from free vouchers and savings. But the real benefit behind it all is that Tesco can collect data on the customer's behaviour. This allows Tesco to make sure that they stock the rights products and provide the right services. Tesco will collect enormous amounts of data through this scheme. "The Clubcard has been the technical tool to enable Tesco to build up a considerable insight into customer shopping behavior. This insight includes knowing when and where consumers shop, which tells us something about how an individual or a family lives, and this in turn helps in terms of determining a launch strategy for financial service products. Most of these products are sold through in-store promotions with Clubcard point offers." [Quoted by teachmebusiness.co.uk] This tells me that Tesco can have great benefits from the clubcard and can improve customer satisfaction. ...read more.

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