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Tesco - Functional Areas

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Functional Areas of Tesco The Marketing Function at Tescos is concerned firstly with identifying their customers' needs and wants and then ensuring that they provide goods and services to meet those needs and wants. If Marketing fail to do this then the customers might be tempted away to other supermarkets such as Sainsbury's. In Tescos they identify customer's needs by setting up a survey, in this survey they would include thing like, what their jobs are and how much on average they earn. After this they would be able to provide what customers needs are. Marketing would introduce a range of products to suit the customers according to there salary. These ranges are 'organic', 'Tescos Finest', 'Low Fat (diet)', 'Tesco value' and 'Healthy living'. Marketing at Tescos have created these ranges to suit customers who don't really earn much from their job. The range such as 'Tesco Value' provides products with a lower value but the quality of the product is low. Marketing at Tescos offers 'club cards' to customers that can exchange the points that they earn from buying groceries etc into buying petrol or diesel for a cheaper price. Tescos also have a bonus card, the benefits for this type of card is that there is no interest payment back every year, 0% of Tesco purchases for the first 12 months from account opening. Tescos introduce these cards for customer benefits and to attract more customers. In order for Tescos to attract more and more customers, they need to advertise their promotions. ...read more.


and where the toilets are, new employees need to understand the organization's tasks, goals, values, personnel practices, health and safety rules, and the job they're required to do with understandable methods. Proper induction training is a legal requirement. Employers have the duty to provide new employees with all relevant information and training relating to health and safety. As a manager for new employees it is their responsibility to ensure that induction training is properly planned. The trainers must make sure it's planned and organized properly for their new comer. An induction training plan must be issued to each new employee, before the new employee starts, and this is copied to everyone in the organization who is involved in providing the training, so the new comer and everyone else involved can see what's happening and that everything is included. Creating and issuing a suitable induction plan for each new comer will help them do their job better and quicker and with less dependence on the employer's time in the future. Employees who are not properly inducted need a lot more looking after. On The Job Training The Advantages of Using On Job Training: Training can be delivered at a specific time, for example immediately before a job is to be performed for real in the workplace. The trainee will have opportunities to practice immediately and they would have instant feedback. Training an employee in their own working environment, with equipment they are familiar with and people they know, can help them gain direct experience. ...read more.


Cadburys Cream eggs or Dairy Milk Chocolate bars. When Tescos buy goods from a manufacturer/supplier, they would tend to buy them at the lowest price possible. The reason for this is to make profit for when Tescos sell the goods at their store. If Tescos were to buy goods expensive they would need to sell them for a high price to customers, which this would then drive customers off. Another reason why Tescos buy goods at a low price is because Tescos finances need to pay out expenses such as staff wages/salaries. When Tescos sell goods they get revenue, this is the money made from selling the products. At the end of a day, Tescos Financial Accounting dept would collect up all the money made, count them and then they would bank the money. When banking money, they would have a trust worthy employee to be responsible of the money; they would bank the money either by computer or by secure vans. Management accounting function is about the future of a company e.g. Tescos. This function directs Tescos towards the future; they do this by devising a financial strategy. This strategy involves a capital outlay which this outlay involves labour, equipment and land. The management accounting function need to plan for the future, this can be recruiting more employees, buying more equipment or buying more land. When buying equipment, this function would plan what new equipment they need, like new trolleys, check out tills, or any other type of machinery etc. When it comes to employees, the management accounting function would need to consider on whether if they need to recruit more employees or to layoff on recruiting. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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