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tesco influences

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Tesco's functional areas Marketing The marketing department is very important for Tesco as they help the company in a lot of different ways. The marketing department in Tesco is a lot different than to Cadburys marketing department. The marketing department does market research and they focus on getting their products on the shelves. The marketing department in Tesco has come up with a "Tesco club card". A lot of Tescos success has come from the club card. The club card is a clever idea and it has helped Tesco find the information that they need to make their customers happy and to make as much profit as possible. ...read more.


A loss leader product is a product that Tesco buy for more than they sell it so Tesco don't make a profit they lose out but it attracts people looking for a bargain and then they finish of their shopping at Tesco how they normally would. Products like milk or bread because they are everyday items and people are looking for cheaper milk or bread. Tesco also get the information that they need to figure out the price sensitive products by also having a customer question time. 12,000 customers attend their Customer Question Time sessions each year. which is like a class where they listen to customers' views on everything, from products, price, quality and service to their role in the community and the Tesco brand and other queries which any customers have. ...read more.


It helped them develop the Every Little Helps promises, and they are just as important today. These five promises to their customers reflect the simple things people care about when they go shopping: * That the Prices are good; * That they can get what I want; * That The aisles are clear; * That they don't queue; and * That The staff are great These five promises may sound simple, but Tesco understand that if they don't get these things right customers will go and shop with one of their competitors such as ASDA, Sainsburys, Morrisons etc. It's important for Tesco to do the little things right that really matter for customers, this way customers are happy and Tesco make lots of money. Sajid Rahman 10j AGA ...read more.

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