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The aim of my coursework is to: Firstly undertake market research: such as, primary and secondary research for setting up my own business

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Business Studies Coursework Introduction I am going to set up a business selling chocolate. My shop is going to be a small chocolate shop which sells there of hand crafted specialist chocolate. The chocolate will be made in the back of the shop. It will be situated in York. My two main objectives will be survival and profit maximisation. These two aims are linked because in the long term survival is not possible without your total revenue being bigger that your total cost. Layout of Coursework The aim of my coursework is to: Firstly undertake market research: such as, primary and secondary research * Primary research: visit companies and send out questionnaires. * Secondary research: research from Mintel/Keynotes. In the second part of my coursework I will be creating a promotional plan. In the third part of my coursework I will look at the social costs and social benefits of my business, and also how the law/legislation will impact on my business. ...read more.


How Much People Would Be Willing To Pay For A Regular Sized Bar Of Chocolate The Promotional Plan There are many ways of advertising my company, but some of them will not be suitable in this piece of my report. I will look at the different ways of promotion and their advantages and disadvantages: Direct Mail * You are able to choose your audience. * Effective and easy to measure. But, * People think its junk mail and throw it away. * Poorly Targeted. Television * High impact. * Large audience. * Life like. But, * Ads can't be kept. * Expensive. * Unable to target your audience. Radio * Mostly easy targeting. * Low Costs. But, * Small Audience. Internet * Global coverage. But, * Often downloading delays. Posters * Big impact * Seen by many people But, * Limited information * Difficult targeting Press * Easy targeting of market segments * Adds can be kept * Colour Available But, * Not as dramatic as television * Ads often unseen Social, Economic ...read more.


share than me also I would have to think about the fact that they benefit from economies of scale and I would definitely have to think about the location. Conclusion So to conclude I am going to set up a business selling specialist chocolate. It is going to be situated in Leeds city centre. It is going to be located near to the corn exchange this is because there are very popular shops located near here so there should be a lot of interest. I have decided to use posters and the Internet to advertise my business this is because most people have a computer and the Internet and use it regularly and posters are seen by many people and have a very big impact so these two combined should have the biggest impact on the community. I have also noticed that most of the money made from chocolate is made from special events such as Christmas Easter Birthdays and such so I am also going to specialise in that area of chocolate. ...read more.

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