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The aim of this project is to describe the Human Resource functions for my chosen business.

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Introduction The aim of this project is to describe the Human Resource functions for my chosen business. The business that I have chosen to do is a supermarket called 'Safeway'. The four main areas that I will be looking at is the following: 1. Human resources planning 2. Recruitment and selection 3. Training and development 4. Performance management All the four function help Safeway to run a positive business with the help of the HR function. All of this function has different roles but they all help each other in certain ways. Human resource planning will help the recruitment & selection, the hr planning should know when is the right time to start looking for staff form looking at past data. Then it is up to the Recruitment and selection team to look for the right people. Another example will be the training and development and performance management. The performance will look at the staff progression and pick out there weakness and tell the Training development the problem and it is then up to them to decided on a program to help them with the problem. I will now tell you more about the four functions and also describe how these functions help Safeway. Human resources planning Human resource planning is the process when the business needs to work closely with other departments to ensure the firm is employing the right kind of people with the: Right skills at the right time. It is important for the business to use the workforce plan, which contains: * National and local changes in the population analysed by numbers, ages, skills and location. * An analysis of the current internal labour supply * Consideration of any proposed development in the company's organisation, location and structure. This is information is very important as it help a business in many ways; it is used to evaluate the likely effect on labour turnover, the implications for recruitment, expected training requirements for existing and anticipated new staff, and the possible effects on morale and labour relations. ...read more.


The programme is designed to assess applicants using the sales assistant effectiveness mode, which describes the behaviours required for success in the role. The selecting for excellence is a process made up of a number of parts that identify these skills and qualities in order to select the best candidate for the job. The process supports applicants to select/de-select from Safeway using the 'Realistic Job Preview' video to demonstrate whit it is really like to work in Safeway store. Diagram of selecting for excellence process: The first stage of the process is a preview video. This video lasts for ten minutes and provides the applicant with a realistic view of what it is like to work in Safeway. The video is the first stage of the process because it helps the applicant to understand the stages of the recruitment process. It also helps the applicant to decide if Safeway is the palace for them. Stage 2, the Safeway applicant profile is a combination of a test and a questionnaire. It has been designed specifically for Safeway with the intention of selecting sales assistant. Stage 3. The CPC (customer promise challenge) is a behavioural exercise that is specifically designed for Safeway in order to assess the applicant's performance on three areas of effectiveness. The CPC can be run with up to four applicants at a time. It consists of a fact-finding exercise followed by an individual and group discussion. The main aim of the CPC is to observe the behavioural interaction of the applicant and to provide the candidate with an idea of the type of situations they may confront at Safeway. Stage 4. This is the process when the interview takes place. This is the Safeway's opportunity to make the final assessment about the applicant if he/she is suitable for Safeway. This interview also provided a vital opportunity for the applicant to ask any outstanding questions about the position. ...read more.


Filling a vacancy-finding the applicants When filling a vacancy the organisation needs to know reason why the staff member left in the first place. There could be much reason some of the reasons are below: * A new job is available because of the expansion of the organisation * Someone in the organisation has retired/left * Somebody has been promoted or a vacancy arises because the previous holder has been given a better job. The HR department at Safeway is under a lot of pressure to, keep filling in job when someone leaves the company. At Safeway when they are looking for a new person to take on the job role, that job role needs to be covered by another employee. At the point Safeway gives the current employees overtime, employing part time staff until they find someone suitable for the job role. When someone is looking for a job and they have in their CV, the CV is then hand to the HR department; the CV is then put into folders. Each folder is under different names, (the names are listed below) * Full time * Part Time * Male * Female The reason why CV are put into folders is because it easier for the recruitment department to look for staff as they know what they are looking for. The reason why Safeway put CV in sex order is because, it easier for them to finds, as many of the female staff are on checkouts, or be hide the meat counters, or bakery department. Most of the males are on the shop floor, or out side collecting the trolleys. Safeway's Definition - the three stages of resourcing are - 1. Defining Requirements. Preparing the person specification using the job profile or the job outline in the career route passport. 2. Attracting candidates - reviewing and evaluating alternative sources of application inside and outside Safeway. Which also includes advertising using various sources 3. Selecting candidates- screen application forms, testing, interviewing and assessing candidates. ...read more.

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