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The aims and objectives of Tate and Lyle and Cycle Asylum

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Aims and Objectives: Similarities and differences between Tate and Lyle and Cycle Asylum Task 2 -Part C - A major difference between Tate and Lyle and Cycle Asylum is that one is a PLC and the other is a sole trader. Also a PLC is a large multi-national company located all over the British Isles with a board of directors, managers within the factory and thousands of employees. To add onto that there is �50,000 share capitals to start the business which increases the profit of the company. Whereas a Sole Trader is a small local business with only one owner along with five employees. ...read more.


Also it is Ian Calloway who is making all the decisions on a day to day basis. Moreover it is easier for the business to raise more money because the money Tate and Lyle have received in selling their shares contributes to the overall profit in which Tate and Lyle receive. To add onto that Cycle Asylum has a much harder task of raising funds for his small business because he owns his own resources meaning that he his in charge of what resources he would acquire and those he don't need. On one hand Tate and Lyle have LIMITED LIABILITY. This means that the Tate and Lyle shareholders don't lose their personal belongings, but all they lose is the money they invested. ...read more.


They also re-invest in things such as: New Technology for their research and development facilities, machinery to increase the speed of mass production i.e. more efficient, and finally re-invest in commercial partnerships. This allows Tate and Lyle's name to be on products which uses their sugar E.G. McVities biscuits. But Ian Calloway uses his profit to pay himself for his daily living, and the five people who work for his bike shop. But Ian Calloway has the option to re-invest. He doesn't have to re-invest but if he chooses to; he could re-invest in things such as * New Tires * Bike accessories such as helmets * New handle bars * And even tools for him to use when offering his service of repairing broken bikes. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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