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The background of the Kettering Park Hotel and Spa

Extracts from this document...


The background of the Kettering Park Hotel and Spa The Kettering Park Hotel was opened in February 1993. When it was first opened, there were 90 bedrooms, 12 meeting rooms, and a leisure room. The hotel cost �12m to build as it has its own unique special design. The hotel was opened as the A14 was being built so shire hotels saw this as a good opportunity to open a hotel, which would be placed in the middle of England and near a busy motorway. A problem occurred when the building of the A14 was delayed, so this meant that the hotel didn't have as many customers as was thought they were going to have at first. Where the hotel is located there are a lot of means of transport to get to the hotel. There are 5 airports which are all within an hour and a halves drive from the hotel. These airports are Gatwick, East Midlands, Heathrow, Luton, and Birmingham. The hotel found it hard to get some customers in the first 18 months of the hotel being open as the A14 wasn't up and running. This affected their business and they were thinking it was a bad idea in building the hotel in Kettering. After the first 18 months the hotel started to pick up on customers as the A14 started to get used a lot. The A14 is now seen as one of the busiest trunk roads in the country now so this brings a lot of business to the hotel. The company that owns the Kettering Park hotel is Shire Hotels. They are a chain company that has hotels spread across the country. A quote off of the Shire Hotels website is "Stay with Shire Hotels and we hope you'll see why we're a little bit different to some of the larger, chain hotels. All our hotels are in excellent locations across the UK, Burnley, Leeds, Blackburn, Knutsford, Kettering, Bristol & Fareham." ...read more.


This hierarchy is a chain of command and goes right from David Williams down to the basic workers. Communication is imperative through the hierarchy, so the Park Hotel has tried to improve communication by having as fewer layers as possible. This means that less people have to communicate in one chain and so communication is faster. Obviously with the good comes the bad and with the ease of communication, comes extra responsibilities for the staff, extra responsibilities mean more pressure on each member of management. This is a show of respect1hough, the managers obviously believe the members of staff are up to the challenge and this may motivate the staff further. Obviously at the head of the hierarchy is General Manager David Williams, he oversees the entire hotel and makes all the decisions with help from his number two. David also checks targets and checks the staff to make sure the hotel is running smoothly. Second in command of the hotel is Challis, he aids David with all decisions but also has his own responsibilities. Regional Sales Manager Maxine Coleman is in control sales and marketing campaigns in the region but is based in Kettering. The assistant managers Sarah Trivett and Paul Mitchell are in charge of Personnel and food & beverages. Paul ' s F & B department hires more staff than any other department in the hotel and oversees the bars and the restaurants. Sarah's personnel department is not an appealing job, as she has to hire all the staff and train them into the hotel. The final Assistant Manager is James Hayter who is in charge of the Front Of House, he is responsible for the whole view of the hotel and guests must get the right impression. He must make guests feel at ease and comfortable, he is also responsible for all the staff that specifically speaks to the guests. ...read more.


The organization structure has an impact on the way in which staff work. Structure - The structure of the organization is a flat one. This is a good as people can communicate faster and easier. The less layers means that there is less chance of the information being changed. Decisions can be made quicker and with out any trouble. Targets are set by head office; the owners set their own targets. The head office is only small but it takes control of most things in the company. The budget is well known by the manager and in with direction the finances are going. Each department head hosts briefings so that each person knows what's happening in the department. These briefing are two ways, it gives the staff members a chance to post their views. These meetings are always friendly. This makes the staff feel valued as employees, this increases work rate. Management style is open to democratic culture. The staffs are always involved in seeing reports of how well the hotel is being run. This makes them feel as if they are helping the way that the hotel is being run. Problems within the hotel aren't viewed as problems they are viewed as opportunities. If a staff member has worked at the hotel for a long period of time then they can get the opportunity to buy shares in the company. Therefore, it is important that the staff know how the financial side of the company is doing. When a new member of staff is appointed they are trained the MAD style. This is making a difference technique. This means giving the customers what they want. The employees at the hotel are proud to be working at the hotel. The park hotel is customer driven; the 'Shire Report' proves this. They are based upon family values. All the staff members work as a team, this means that they can communicate with everyone within the company. The staff members are all enthusiastic and happy as the hotel has all new technology. For example, the hotel uses loyalty cards and wireless Internet. ...read more.

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