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The business I have chosen to do this assignment is Marks and Spencer. The aims and objectives of marks and Spencer are followings:

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Business and Management Explain how aims and objectives may be achieved through planning and monitoring Introduction Planning is all about how an organisation wants to run their business and an organisation must have plan to guide their business in the right way and make sure they are surviving and making profit. Because if an organisation have a business plan then they know what they got to do to make profit and know what things they need to do to run the business in order to survive and make profit. Management is concerned with planning, controlling and coordinating. The over view of management is all about making profit and surviving, an organisation aim to provide a mix of benefits for everyone who works at marks and Spencer. For an organisation like Mark and Spencer the manager must meet the customer's needs, be nice to everyone, be fair to suppliers and to his workers, selling responsible products and operating in a considerate manner in order to maintain their store management in order. Mark & Spencer is one of the biggest retailers in U.K. Mark & Spencer is considered as a variety store. Because they serve all kind of foods and groceries and they have fewer departments in their store and got wider variety of stocks. In this assignment I will explain how mark and Spencer achieve their aims and objectives through planning and monitoring. ...read more.


their sales, and all the training is given on the job and to train a new staff they have coaches who are fully qualified to make sure that the workers should meet the customer expectations. They also have coaching staff to monitor their performance. Team briefs and discussions are done every morning and evening to monitor their staff performance and to discuss about improving their weak points. They also monitor how customer service staff deal with complaints making sure the customers are satisfied and happy with their purchase and also asking customers about their store and management etc. To keep their store standard as good as possible, they have to make sure they keep the floor clean and tidy from inside and out. They get stock every day, They present their store in a very pleasant way, playing a very soft music, making sure that all the Shelves are full and the products are in order and they make sure they have choice for their customers and if a certain line is not selling they get support from head office to find out what's the reason and they also make sure is there baskets available, are there any trolleys available. In case if anything goes wrong for example there is a damage taken place in the store or outside, it must be repaired as soon as possible. ...read more.


They have CCTV cameras all around their store which help them track the number of customers they get everyday and also a beeping system for example , if anyone try to steal something and not paid for that product and want to walk out with it then the beeping system will make loud enough noise to let the staff know somebody is trying to steal something. They also have security guards on the exit and entrance to make sure everything is in order. They also got this health and safety rules and regulations chart which is glued on the wall to remind the staff and let them know what things they must do and must not do, to follow the policy, They got emergency exit in case of fire and fire extinguisher. Marks and Spencer has tall structures because the store has many levels of management and supervisions contacted to the number of employees they have, although it is rare to find more than seven or eight levels of management even in a very large organisation like marks and Spencer. Because they have so many managers for example one store manager, four section managers, store operational manager, cold chain and produce manager and service section manager. They have 13 coaches to train the new staff. The advantage of having that much managers, there is less chances of mistake, clear management structure, everything will be in order. ...read more.

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