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The business that I have chosen is Waitrose, because I believe that this company provides good customer service, produces high quality goods and is also one of the country's leading food retailers, which shows that it is a well-liked company

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Task 1 - Customer Service Introduction For this section on task one, I shall be identifying a business, on where I can explain and investigate how the company uses its customer service policies. The business that I have chosen is Waitrose, because I believe that this company provides good customer service, produces high quality goods and is also one of the country's leading food retailers, which shows that it is a well-liked company. For this section, I shall be producing a customer services manual which will be given to all members of staff, in my chosen organisation (Waitrose). This manual that will be provided will be a training guide with information that can benefit the staff and help them in a way that they are following the right policies and procedures for high quality valuable customer service, which Waitrose has set out. Also, part of this manual shall provide ideas on how customer service could be improved within the company through changes in policy and procedure, effective communication, skill enhancement and documentation. My manual will include plenty of information on customer service; here are some of the things I shall be including: * Identify and describe the various types of customers and their needs. * Explaining how Waitrose incorporates consumer protection into its customer services policy. * Indicating how Waitrose could improve their customer service. * Explaining customer service techniques, monitoring procedures and quality standards. * Identifying the skills required in order to provide efficient customer service and offer training opportunities for gaining those skills. These points are some of the information I shall be including in my manual. I will also have to research and comment upon Waitrose's customer service policy, and look at how they follow their procedures and policies and the outcome that it brings for them too. TASK ONE Waitrose aims to deliver excellent customer service to all customers, making sure that customers are completely satisfied. ...read more.


Only during the period of time they can do so. However, they if don't want their money back, they can ask for a repair or replacement. The Sale of Goods Act applies to buyers but consumers are entitled to a wide selection of remedies too. "Consumers" mean people who are buying for reasons that are not related to their trade, profession or business. This act does not apply to service in particular. If Waitrose are selling faulty goods, the buyer can get a legal remedy against the retailer (Waitrose). Usually, buyers are not able to claim directly against the manufacturer. However, the buyer can't expect a legal remedy because of fair wear and tear; misuse or accidental damage or if they decide they no longer want to keep them. If consumers are not happy with their product, then they are entitled to a full refund if in the reasonable time of the sale. Or they can get a repair of the product or a replacement; however the retailer can decline either of these if costly in comparison with the alternative. It is very important that Waitrose complies with the Data Protection Act. Not just to avoid prosecution and bad publicity, but to show to customers that Waitrose works with due diligence and responsibility. A breach of the act however, can lead to claims for compensation. This act covers all personal data which an organisation may hold i.e. names, birthday and anniversary dates, addresses, telephone numbers and so forth. There are eight data protection principles which are: All personal data must be: 1. Processed fairly and lawfully. 2. Obtained for specified and lawful purposes. 3. Adequate, relevant and not excessive. 4. Accurate and up to date. 5. Not kept any longer than necessary. 6. Processed in accordance with the "data subjects" (the individual's) rights. 7. Reasonably securely kept. 8. Not transferred to any other country without adequate protection. ...read more.


> Waitrose's training and development scheme actually does improve employee skills and increases motivation. > Quality circles have helped boost employee morale which in turn shows in their job roles which has turned out positive. Waitrose's workforce has worked together and tried to meet its CSP aims and objectives. Obviously, if the customers are happy and satisfied with the standard of service then that suggests that there are improvements on customer service. By maintaining that standard, I believe that Waitrose will continue to succeed with their customers and will get the recognition it deserves The use of quality circles could improve the team members skills, their ideas are contributed and put into consideration; everyone interacts with each other so that they all feel that they are a part of something and the communication between them become stronger and easier. For example, when there is a meeting of circle members there will be a chance for team members to contribute their ideas and thoughts on improving the quality of service. They can all work together to achieve a positive outcome and in return work on that when serving customers to achieve overall customer satisfaction. The impact of the improvements made have increased the level of customer service by being more aware of customer needs, communicating with the customer in a correct and suitable way, will make Waitrose more motivated and determined to keep on improving as the rewards do have a strong positive impact. By team members working co-operatively together, this can help Waitrose achieve the aims and objectives. It builds a strong morale amongst the workforce, and encourages them which brings out the motivation to be successful in what they are doing. Waitrose can work on improving customer service and will keep on training and developing their workforce to achieve overall customer satisfaction and positive outcomes. If there is a strong, dedicated workforce within any organisation then it will be known that the rest will fall into place, the business can be successful in the end. ...read more.

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