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The Corporation

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Kathy Drake September 20, 2005 The Corporation: movie review The producers of the film "The Corporation" are Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott. The theme is to explore the views, the actions, and the nature of corporations today and how they influence change and damage culture, society, and our living environments on a daily basis all in pursuit for larger profits. The producers are able to accomplish this by interviewing people from all sides of the debate. I think the goal of the film isn't to attack corporations directly but to educate and inform the viewer and society how corporations began and how they have evolved. The film aims to inform the people that the future for corporations lies in their hands because in a democracy we have the ability to take back the power from the corporation. ...read more.


As the film showed, yes the corporation is considered a "legal person" but they do not possess the same social or moral obligations to society at all. That is why I agree with the reference that corporations today are more like psychopaths since they possess many of the same characteristics. Much like psychopaths corporations have "reckless disregard for others, lie, and are deceitful." I thought that this was a really good comparison that really opens your eyes to see how much destruction corporations have caused and can cause in the future. Ultimately, the bottom line is that corporations are looking for a profit. They are not looking out for the common good of the people and will do whatever they need to in order to reach and exceed their profit goals. ...read more.


Not only has the corporation of today changed dramatically by becoming a "legal person" but also because they have corrupted the legal system by changing what can and cannot be patented. It is ridiculous that a company has the ability to patent a living organism and according to the producers, will at some point own the human body. I also think it is a little ridiculous that AOL patented the song "Happy Birthday" and charges $10K every time someone wants to use it in their film. That song is an American tradition and is part of many different cultures. Corporations have been able to expand and control society way too much and I agree that the people need to band together to gain control over them and take the power over their everyday lives back. ...read more.

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