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The culture of the organisation is the technique in which things are done within the organisation, principles and behaviours are directly linked.

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The culture of the organisation is the technique in which things are done within the organisation, principles and behaviours are directly linked. If employees share the principles of the organisation this will be reflected in personage behaviour and as a result in the organisation's behaviour. It is therefore significant for the organisation to generate the paramount worth standards, in behaving in a moral mode or to think about the requests of individual clients. Many modern organisations create values statement, which they publicise widely to employees and other stakeholders. For example a values statement could be like: -We put our customers first -We are professionals -We respect each other -We work as a team -We are committed to continuous improvement It is essential that these values statements go well beyond simply being words on paper. ...read more.


It is vital to be aware of the viewpoint and behaviours of stakeholders in an organisation. The most successful businesses are those where the staffs shares similar values and moral principles since these show individual and corporate behaviour. If the stakeholders in commerce have very diverse values, tensions are liable to happen, foremost to influence and deprived routine. If on the other hand, stakeholders share the key values there is for better prospect of success. WHERE TENSIONS IN VALUES MAY OCCUR: An organisation might have a group inventive and imaginative employees inadequate to assist an organisation to put together decisions but who are dominated by an despotic and repressive executive, an additional circumstances in which conflict would arise would be on in which employees have a 'public service' inspiration in which they want to ...read more.


They have more responsibility than those lower down. Horizontal links on a chart show staff who works at the same level of each other and who relate to each other. Vertical links on a chart show staff whom a particular manager or supervisor is responsible. There are also diverse business structures, flat and hierarchical structures. Sainsburys is a hierarchical structure. Hierarchical organisations are based on a top down loom with a highlighting on statement down the line. A hierarchical organisation is taller than a flat structure. It has many levels. The word 'hierarchy' means a system whereby grades or classes are ranked one on top of the other. Hierarchical structures are sometimes called pyramid structures because at each level downwards there will be more employees. This is an organisational chart of J Sainsburys. ...read more.

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