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The Economic Census of Puerto Rico.

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Locations of Economic Activity (portfolio) The Economic Census of Puerto Rico covers the sectors of mining, utilities, construction, manufacturing; wholesale and retail trades, transportation and warehousing, information; finance and insurance; real estate and rental and leasing; professional, scientific, and technical services; management of companies and enterprises; administrative and support, waste management and remediation services; educational services; health care and social assistance; arts, entertainment, and recreation; accommodation and food services; and other services (except public administration). An overview of each sector is presented below: * Mining sector comprises establishments that extract naturally occurring mineral solids. The term mining is used in the broad sense to include quarrying. * Utilities sector includes establishments supplying electricity, gas, and water. * Construction sector includes operations of establishments primarily engaged in the following broad types of activities: * Building construction - Work done by general contractors, special trade contractors, design-builders, developers, or construction managers. * Heavy construction - Work on no building structures, such as highways, sewer lines, power plants, and refineries by contractors, design-builders, developers or construction managers. * Land subdivision - Subdividing and developing lots for sale by subdivides. ...read more.


* Educational services sector includes establishments that provide instruction and training in a wide variety of subjects. Examples of these establishments are business, secretarial or court reporting schools, computer training and or computer repair, professional and management development training, technical or vocational schools, fine arts schools, sports and recreation schools, language schools, and other training schools. Excluded from this sector are academic schools, colleges, and universities. * Health care and social assistance sector includes establishments providing health care and social assistance for individuals. Services provided by these establishments are delivered by trained professionals. * Arts, entertainment, and recreation sector includes establishments engaged in producing, promoting, or participating in live performances, events, or exhibits for the public; preserving and exhibiting objects and sites historical and cultural interest; and operating facilities or providing services for recreational purposes. India Coal Rehabilitation Source: Sustainable Energy and Economy Network and The Wall Street Journal (Aug. 14, 2000 article) Project: Coal mining involving two dozen open-pit coal mines. Ownership: The state-owned Coal India Ltd., which sought to modernize and expand its mining operations. With a World Bank loan, the Indian coal industry was able to buy new equipment and increased excavations, increasing miners' production 21 percent each shift, according to the company. ...read more.


Creation The centrepiece of the city is a 12-storey tower, which is being built in just over a year. The tower will dominate the cyber city Then more than 30 other projects will follow - a hypermarket, conference centre, a cyber village for accommodation, and more high-tech office space. Devendra Chaudhry is an Indian civil servant brought to Mauritius on sabbatical, to use the experience of high-tech cities in places like Bangalore or Hyderabad to create a new industry on the island. And the majority of the workers on the site are Indian, brought in to build the infrastructure which the government of Mauritius hopes will catapult the island forward. Villagers learn about technology The converted coach is now a computer studies class for housewives, children, unemployed people and the disabled. "We use the caravan to conduct Information Communications Technology (ICT) awareness courses," said Vikash Heeralaul from the National Computer Board. "We've got nine PCs in a network and we teach basic computing and word processing. "Up to now we have been to 170 community centres to create ICT awareness among the people of Mauritius. "Some people don't know how to use a computer, but we teach them the basics and then word processing." ...read more.

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