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The economical situation of South America in the recent years has become a central subject of study for experts worldwide, because of its certainly peculiar behavior.

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Intoduction- The economical situation of South America in the recent years has become a central subject of study for experts worldwide, because of its certainly peculiar behavior. The past two years have been an important exposition of the regional instability as the richest countries- as Argentina- going even through others, in all economical federations (Andean Community of Nations, Mercosur) have undergone tremendous structural changes as a result of social, political and demographical factors which provoked, or rather triggered economical sufferings regionwide. South America, formerly colonized by the Spanish Kingdom, is composed this by young nations with changing democracies, much as their economical policies. The way matters have been handled (as for example the consolidation of Neoliberalism) has been a factor for social provocation; the amount of ongoing news events affecting the government structure far exceeds that of the European Union and other economical leagues. The continent also holds many of the world's underdeveloped nations making it a study case for an observation into the inhibitions- and probably failure- of the imposition of policies which have prospered in Europe, Japan or the United States (even China). By observing the economical databases of the countries of South America, alongside the political ongoing events, the social affairs and the demographical changes, I wish to make a thorough ...read more.


This ensures that all people are receiving approximately the same relative mean income per capita. However, some nations do expose a lower income as they change positions, for example, Colombia, Peru and Bolivia; meanwhile, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay have higher incomes: Analysis- Certain countries of the Mercosur maintain a very high share of GDP per capita. (The closer both curves are), Proving to be the richest countries of South America; #1: Uruguay, this yet being the smallest, but more stable country. The lackey investment in Colombia has caused the GDP to be lowered while being the second largest country, in terms of population. Most problems are owed to the internal conflict's effects. Bolivia has also a high social instability and government economical barriers on the huge coca industry have generated an addition to the loss of the GDP. Chile's protected economy continues to have high GDP standards as the country has focused about mining and other technological industries rather than agriculture, because of lack of arable land. International Market Balance Formula: Exports - Imports Analysis - The commercial profit of these countries levels out with the devaluation of the national monetary unit. Countries like Argentina, previous to the crisis, relying heavily on their national industries make high profits in trade balance. ...read more.


The situation in South America is becoming increasingly critical. Considering that certain facts may be considered to be outdated, the situation in the subcontinent was already at an increasingly alarming state. The demographical explosions during the past four years have become the catalyst for the decadence of the region. The northern countries appear to be the ones most involved in social effervescence of the region. Venezuela and Colombia nowadays show that the first was a timebomb which was exploded twice, and the second is an ongoing fire, 40 years in conflict. Meanwhile, southern regions show more stability and prosperity. Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile- consolidating a more solid democracy and thus a more stable economical growth. Argentina and Venezuela are exceptions since they seem to be an unstable element in the region:Venezuelans seem to maintain themselves despite the events which would include a military coup to Hugo Ch�vez; Argentina otherwise dropped its reknowned prosperity as their economy, unlike and without a large effect on neighbouring countries, and fell into a severe depression. I believe I have managed to handle correctly and expose several mathematical and economical statistics properly alongside and combining them with the subcontinent's current affairs in order to appropriately address the matters stated as the task to follow, and as a means to review the possible outcomes of the passiveness to the national and regionwide events. ...read more.

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