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The employees indicated in a survey that work-life balance was more important to many than improved pay and conditions.

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Introduction: The employees indicated in a survey that work-life balance was more important to many than improved pay and conditions. The Working Time Regulations, which became law in the UK in October 1998, require employers to ensure that workers do not work more than an average of 48 hours per week. However, the employee can agree to work longer. A newly working-time system that called "annualized hours" has become more popular in the banking and financial services industries. As they have moved towards call-centre based operations and try to align operations more towards consumer expectations. There are a variety of types of scheme, but typically the annual hours are based on a 35 to 40 hours week multiplied up to an annual total, less annual leave and public holidays. Scheduling work takes a variety of forms: there may be an average monthly total to be work. Or it may take the form of periods of intense working followed by periods of rest - the two weeks on, two weeks off pattern found in the oil industry. Annualized hours contracts have caused concern in trade union circles due to the possibilities of exploitation, health and safety issues related to periods of employment intensity to dovetail with other aspirations in life. ...read more.


( http://www.eurofound.com 1998) Motivation is most important part in annualized hours system, which is Siemens GEC use. 1. Motivation Motivation is the cognitive decision-making process though which goal-directed behaviour is initiated, energized and directed and maintained. (Huczynski. A & Buchanan. D, 2001, p.240) * The satisfaction of need We know individuals are not the same; their needs and how they can be satisfied will be very different. So, it is important for a business to motivate its employees. Figure1. Maslow's hierarchy of needs * Theories Douglas McGregor's Theory X & Theory Y In 1960, Douglas McGregor published The Human Side of Enterprise. He coined the term Theory X & Theory Y to describe different reasons why people work. Theory X Theory Y * Workers are lazy and dislike work. * Workers must be directed and controlled. * Workers avoid responsibility and ambition. * Workers are selfish and uncreative. * Money is the only reason for working. * Having an objective is a form of imprisonment. * Work is as natural as rest to people. * People will exercise self-discretion and self-control. * People enjoy real responsibility. * Achievement is highly valued by people * Most people imagination and creativity. * Money is only one benefit from work. ...read more.


(Stredwick. J, 1992, p348) * Annualized hours work with part-time. One worker can have 2 or more than 2 part-time jobs by annualized hours contract. Usually defined as less than 30 hours per week. But, It is illegal to work more than 48 hours and both your employers must ensure you do not exceed this; the only exception is if the second job is unpaid or voluntary. Part 3 Conclusions Annualized hours system is using in today many industries, it have been changed people's idea to working time. Employee and employer both agreed weekly hours are replaced by an annual hours arrangement and a forward working pattern of rostered and reserve hours. By agreement, reserve hours may be triggered at short notice. Pay is usually set at a regular, guaranteed monthly sum. Benefits: * Increases flexibility to handle seasonal fluctuations in demand. * Allows parents and carers to arrange their working hours around term time / school holidays. * Allows parents and carers to take advantage of off-peak holidays * Can motivate employees and improve working quality. * Keep employees working-life balance * Cut down the costs for employers (for example: holiday pay.) Disadvantage: * Administratively complex to design and operate. * Hardly to manage employees. * Some employees cannot control their working-time very well, so they should need human resource department support. * Should have some problems about empowerment. ...read more.

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