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The four p's

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The four p's Leisure and tourism coursework piece 2 Introduction Drayton Manors aim is to make people come there, and the way they can do that is by getting a target market and aiming it at that particular target group. Drayton Manors aim is to make sure when family come to Drayton manor they have a good time so they will want to come again because if they don't have a nice time they will not come again so the customers need to have a good time by when they use the services given by Drayton Manor the services should be good e.g. when a customer comes to Drayton Manor and Buys the ticket the staff should be polite and friendly. The products and services that are available in Drayton Manor park are 250 acre site, over 100 rides and attractions, 15 acre zoo and zoo farm, retail outlets, garden centre, nature trail, caravan and camping site, games and stalls, arcade, 3 museums, over 20 seasonal catering outlets, full time catering company with 3 superb banqueting suites, hotel chain with 3 hotels in south Wales, planning permission granted for hotel on site, dinosaurland, educational facilities, educational officer employed in the zoo and important part of the local economy providing employment for the local work force and attracting visitors into the area. ...read more.


if a customer is in a wheelchair it is harder for them to get onto the ride then a normal person that can walk. Goods are objects that are available in the market place(Drayton Manor park), the goods in Drayton Manor park are food, drink, goods are something you can take away whereas service is when your at the park using them, for example food and drink, mostly teenagers will buy it, some family will buy it, it could be for the their children or for thierselves. Drayton Manor has a garden centre and that is targeted to old people because they most likely will not go on any rides. Section 3 Drayton Manor is located in Tamworth. The rides in Drayton Manor park are near each other so you don't have to walk far to get to one ride to another unlike Alton Towers you have to walk far to get to one ride to another. The company of Drayton Manor theme park have placed it in Tamworth because there are hotels near there so if people come from far they can stay there. ...read more.


If someone is pregnant, over 65 or if you are a baby the ticket prices are much lower as they will not use the park facilities as much. Drayton Manors direct competitors are Alton Towers, American world of adventure, West Midlands Safari park, Chessington World of adventure, Thorpe park, Camelot, Blackpool pleasure beach. The opening times in Drayton Manor are 10.30 a.m. to 5 or 6 p.m. Section 5 Promotion is telling and pursuading, telling them about the product and then making them buy it, the drayton manor company can use many different methods such as: Advertising, Direct marketing, public relations, displays, sponsorship, demonstrations, sales promotions.Drayton Manor theme park's company can advertise the theme park by showing information on a magazine or on a billboard that will attract the customers attention and will make them want to come to the park. Drayton Manor theme park's company can use Public relations by people standing giving out leaflets about Drayton Manor. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to advertise this technique, word of mouth is when a person tells them how good the product/service was when they went. This is a good technique as people will trust their friends and family more than the company. Map of the Drayton Manor park. Fahim Munir Candidate no: 2130 Centre no: 20243 ...read more.

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