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The Government Policy/Authority On Supervising the Market.

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THE GOVERNMENT POLICY/AUTHORITY ON SUPERVISING THE MARKET Business 2 Alleyn Wang Terry Chen Instructor David Jones 27th MAY 2003 Abstract The UK government has taken lots of forces on supervising the market, both in policy and departments. With the development of the market, the focus for government supervising regularly moves on to the monopoly related activities nowadays. Hence some related and specific legislations and organizations are issued and formed to fight against the informal and unequal business activities, especially the monopoly affairs. Then with the intervention of EU laws and organizations, the UK original ones were forced to be re-fixed or replaced, in order to better fit into the uniform EU market. Al though the UK policies and legislations have been changed several times, since they were issued/formed, lots of UK business have been successfully investigated and supervised, such as the supermarket. Generally, the UK have done well on supervising the market running well before, as the market becomes more and more complex, the UK government need to better improve itself to keep the market running and growing on track. Introduction The UK market has been grown over ages; it is now a relatively mature and formal market. ...read more.


On the other side, the government is trying its best to prevent this kind of activities even if reset the related laws. In this complex and reflecting business environment, how the governments deal with them, and how the firms take reactions? Here we may take the supermarket, Safeway, as an example. The Safeway is one of the largest supermarkets in Britain, which is now the leading retailer in the British grocery market. With 90,000 employees and about 480 stores in nation wide, its chains attract nearly 8 million consumers per week. At first Safeway was an US owned company named Safeway food stores ltd in California. The first store formed in Bedford in 1962. After twenty years, the branch companies have expanded to 133, taking large/dominant shares in the UK food retailing market. The Safeway grew sharply in a large extent depending on the good relationship with their suppliers. Because they know the business they are running is the fruit supermarket, which is like the agency between consumer and supplier. The only efficient way to rival with other supermarkets is to get the goods with better quality and cheaper price. Notably allied suppliers and keep good relationship with them is one of the reasons why they so successful. ...read more.


So the hearing would be going on until it came out a conclusion, which could protect the public interests. Conclusion In conclusion, as growing of UK market, rising in business crimes and developing of European Single Market, the UK laws and organizations should be better prepared for the new challenges brought by the development of UK economy. Although both of the laws and departments made by the UK government have limited management and sovereignty authority, a well-operated and healthy market cannot be kept on track without any laws and organizations. The aim of the government to set up such laws and departments has been regularly moved from preventing the expending/enlarging of the irregular business activities, to preventing the happening/symptom of monopoly affairs. The monopoly affairs will go on and the work of UK organizations to prevent merger and monopoly will also go on. Bibliograghy Online webs: n.d, 2003, Fair Trading Act, from http://www.oft.gov./business/legal+powers/fair+trading+act.htm nd, 2003, Competition Act 1998, from http://www.oft.gov./business/legal+powers/competition+act+1998.htm Helena Keers, May 2003, Morrison leaves open Safeway joint bid, from http://money.telegraph.co. n.d, May 2002, Supermarket Campaign, SAFEWAY'S GENETICALLY ENGINEERED FOOD: TESTED ON KIDS, NOT MOTHER APPROVED, from http://www.organicconsumers.org/supermarket/safewayalert.cfm many authors, 2003, Topic: UK/European supermarket, from http://www.grocersnews.com/html/supermarket__europe.html n.d, 2003, about us, from http://www.safeway.com n.d, 2003, Morrison reveals 'disappointment' at Safeway referral, from http://www.foodanddrinkeurope.com/news/retail.asp The book: Bruce R Jewell, 2001, Business Studies, Competition Policies, the 4th edition ...read more.

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