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The human resource function

Extracts from this document...


Introduction HUMAN RESOURCES INTRODUCTION The human resource function is one of the most important functions of a business, along with many others. The function has many different duties including: Manpower Planning - Having a clear understanding of the nature of the workforce. Recruitment and Selection - The recruitment process, where an interviewer will look at application forms and consider qualifications, skills and personality in choosing a person to fill a job. Training and Development - Looking at the available training systems including induction, coaching and apprenticeships. Performance management - A system used to make sure that workers are performing effectively and to the best of their ability. All these duties are important to a business as they insure that the Human Resources are being organised effectively. In a large organisation, there will be a specialist Human Resources department. In the medium sized businesses, they may only have one person to cover all these sections and for self employed workers, they will carryout many of these tasks themselves as-well-as managing their own business. I have been assigned to produce an analytical report on how a medium-sized business manages its Human Resources. To gather more information my fellow students and I travelled to Swansea to visit a city centre chemist (Boots PLC). We were lucky enough to have an interview with the Personnel Manager, Sue Williams who was very interesting to talk to. Not only is she the Personnel Manager of the Swansea Boots, which alone employs 500 people, but she is also The Area Personnel Manager responsible for 21 other stores throughout west Wales. This means that she is the person to whom all the managers of the smaller Boots stores will turn when they have personnel problems. Boots is structured in such a way that Swansea is the Head Office of the West Wales region, Haverfordwest is a much smaller branch called a hub store, which will have a Shop Manager and a Personnel Manager. ...read more.


Many people have these skills and they are not hard to pick up. This section does not state any other qualifications which means that any one can try for a job, which will make any reader think that he/she will have a fair chance. On the back page of the leaflet is the heading `The Boots selection process'. This section provides the reader with an insight into how the selection process is carried out. It states that each application form is `individually reviewed' and if it is successful then the applicant will be invited to join a selection event. It also states in this section that if the application is not successful, then the applicant will not be contacted as Boots will only contact the candidates who have made it through to the next stage of selection. This is a good piece of information as the reader will know that if there has been no contact then they can try for other jobs and not wait to hear from Boots. The rest of the information under this section explains the rest of the selection process so that person can prepare themselves for the practical exercises that they might be asked to perform in the second part of selection. The final section on this form is under the heading ` What to do next'. It states here that if the reader thinks they are the right person that Boots are looking for, then they should fill out an application form and sent it to their local Boots store as soon as possible. This section will give the reader the final boost to fill in the application form and after reading the leaflet, they may feel more knowledgeable about Boots and their recruitment process. In my opinion, the Boots leaflet is a great way to attract potential employees and is working really well. All the information that is needed by a potential applicant is stated in the leaflet and it is written in a friendly and welcoming manner. ...read more.


If the person was let off, this could create further conflicts as other employees may think it was all right to keep their lunch money on them. If they got caught, they could just say that it wasn't fair to sack them as they let the other person off the hook. Making adjustments for one employee could cause substantial conflicts between the management and all other employees. � Taking supervisory staff off the shop floor to help in training new recruits. Conflict may occur, as money could be lost due to workers helping out with training. Also the workers who are covering the job of the person may complain that they do not know how the job is supposed to be performed. The worker may become de-motivated and may refuse to work as they might feel they need training as well. Effects of this may mean a loss in profit as the company will be paying an employee to stand around and do nothing, as they do not know what to do. � Absent employees, due to ill health or holidays. This could cause many conflicts as a worker will have to cover the absent employees job. The worker may not know how to perform this job as effectively as the absent worker. This could decrease worker productivity and may damage customer loyalty. Also in the long run this could decrease profits as costs may increase. � Changing delivery days (Boots, Swansea have decided to reduce daily deliveries to only three times a week) This could really cause problems for the Boots store as people who are employed for shelf filling may lose work and lose money. These people may complain and eventually leave the job for one that is more consistent. This may increase costs for Boots, as they may need to pay for the recruitment and training of new shelf fillers. Also it may be difficult for Boots to find new workers who are available to work three times a week, often in the early morning or evening. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE People in Business section.

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