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The human resources department organise all the training that all staff must take before working at Sainsbury's. All training is the same for everyone

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GNVQ INTERMEDIATE BUSINESS: How Business' Work Task Two:- Human Resources: Training Business Name: J Sainsbury's PLC (Sainsbury's LTD) GNVQ INTERMEDIATE BUSINESS: How Business' Work'- Task Two- Human Resources: Training The Human Resources Part: The human resources department organise all the training that all staff must take before working at Sainsbury's. All training is the same for everyone and every single employee must be trained as human resources make them do it. Why New And Old Staff Should Be Trained: On job advertisements human resources keep qualifications to a minimum requirement for the job that they are advertising. This is because HR knows that they can train the employees to work at the requirement they are set for their specific job. ...read more.


* HR may introduce new methods of working, new equipment or software that the employees need to learn how to use. Keeping the staff up-to-date is what Sainsbury's HR department calls this. * Last of all, employees may want to improve and extend their knowledge of their skills so they can do more varied work. Induction Training: Human resources must ensure that all new staff are settled, understand their job and their contribution to its aims and objectives. This is all done in an induction programme. The new employees will spend a short time learning about Sainsbury's, touring the workplace around them, finding out about health and safety requirements and their rights and responsibilities as an employee. They will be introduced to their colleagues and receive training and support for the first few weeks. ...read more.


E.g. a computer system with new software installed. It can be for the more experienced employees who guide the new employees. If the employee is given training off-the-job it means that they are leaving their normal working environment to receive special instruction. This is still within Sainsbury's HR department as when the employee attends an induction Programme or fire training in another part of the site. Sometimes human resources will organise for the employee to go outside of the organisation, such as when doing a course at college to gain a new qualification that is required for the job. The employee maybe given some time off fall all of this but they will sometimes expect them to do it in their own time. It can be for the less experienced employees who want to get more qualifications. ?? ?? ?? ?? Dervis Kemal 10ET How Business' Work- Task Two- Human Resources: Training 1 ...read more.

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