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The Human Resources Function.

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The Human Resources Function Human resources management (HRM) plans the manpower needs of the business and recruits and selects the best people to meet the needs of the organisation. The function is also responsible for training of employees, industrial relations, keeping staff records and managing staff welfare. Part of its function may also be to keep staff motivated. Thought out this whole assignment I will look at each aspect of the human resources department at John Lewis PLC. I will also look at how other companies may differ from John Lewis PLC by adding the theory behind the Human resources function. Human resources are not just the people in the organisation but a term used to refer to a wider idea of qualifications, talents and abilities. The human resources function is important because it manages one of the business's most important, and most expensive, resources. If a company didn't have employers they wouldn't have a company to run. A business needs to employ and retain the right people for the smooth running of the organisation. ...read more.


The business has to abide by laws and regulations concerning it's staff or it's could face prosecution or difficulties later. The Human Resource department need to make sure that pay levels are appropriate. Paying too well is costly, but paying below the acceptable rate can be demotivating To give the business a competitive advantage, Human Resource planning should consider the future needs of the business as well as current needs. A successful plan will achieve a suitable mix of employees in terms of age, skills, and experience and will provide for developing those employees to meet the future business needs. To plan staffing effectively, a business will need to analyse both its own workforce and the external labour market. When a company has to fill a vacancy the Human Resource department will need to consider certain information about the local area, which might include * Employment/unemployment levels in the area * The skills of local workforce * The type of workforce * The proportion of people working in tempory/part-time jobs * The future trends - i.e. ...read more.


Under the data protection act only certain people with a legitimate need may have access to these kind of details, but before any one can gain access permission must be given by the partner allowing their details to be viewed. As well as keeping all the partners details it is also the role of the staff office to recruit staff and keep staffing levels at what is required. It is also the role of the staff office to ensure that the partners have the skills required to do the job. If the partner does not have the skills then they may need training. At John Lewis the staff training department is separate to the staff office, but like the staff office it will be out of sight of the consumer to the stores. Like all organisations, John Lewis has to train all their staff when they first start at any of the stores and then on a regular basis with training such as health and safety. There are some training courses that only John Lewis will use there are other that every employee in the country would have received at some point in their working lives. Human Resources E1 - 6 - September 02 ...read more.

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