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The human resources of a business must be run correctly for the business to be able to achieve its objectives.

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Introduction The human resources of a business must be run correctly for the business to be able to achieve its objectives. There are fair main areas of human resources management: planning, recruitment and selection training and development and performance management. To understand how these areas work and the role they hold within the business structure I have decided to research into the human resources within J.D Wetherspoon. I am going to look into their recruitment and selection section in detail. J.D Wetherspoon is a chain of public houses. The first one opened in 1979 by a 24 year old law student called Tim Martin. He opened his first pub in north London, which he named Wetherspoons, after he of his former school teacher. Tim wanted to run his pub differently from regular pubs, he offered a good range of beers, a music free environment, non- smoking area and all day food. According to Tim the pub was run very badly, in spite of his hard work. Although he was struggling he want to expand so in 1980 he obtained planning permission and a pub licence to convert a car showroom into a pub. From here on his success grew. He made his first in 1983 of �188,000! In 1996 Wetherspoons launched its first pub in Scotland. The Scots didn't enjoy Wetherspoons as they hated the lack of music and poor choice of beers and ales. Tim was aware of the change in tastes around the country so quickly changed so it would satisfy the Scots requirements. In 1998 Wetherspoon decided to open their first hotel in Shrewsbury. Two more have opened since then. ...read more.


This simple equation shows this: Wastage rate = number of staff leaving in a time period x 100 Average number of staff employed in time period For example, if Wetherspoons employed 100 people but found that 25 left during the year the wastage rate would be: 25 x 100 = 25% 100 This would then help them to predict future wastage rates. They are planning to recruit 3,000 people in the next year and would expect a waste rate of 25% according to this example, meaning that 750 people would leave. This is a large figure so HMR would have to look into of they are employing the right people as recruiting more people is wasting time and money. Labour stability rate This looks at those who have left after working there for some time. The stability rate is measured by dividing the amount of people who have left with more than one years service by the number employed one year ago. Then multiplying this by 100 to make a percentage. Stability index = number of staff leaving with more than one years service x 100 Number employed one year ago This method helps businesses to understand and predict what will happen within their own workforce. It also enables an organisation to make the most of the skill and potential already present within the organisation. For example if Wetherspoons had 88 employees who had been with the company for over one year and during the year 22 employees left, the labour stability index would be: 22 x100 = 25% 88 The external labour market The external labour market is more of an irregular environment. ...read more.


If this is not taken into account then they could find themselves loosing employees through poor wages or even not looking for the right employees in the right areas. For HRM to be efficient a business must have the right amount of employees performing the right jobs at the right time. Therefore it is important that employers and the HRM team know if an employee is not at work and their reason why. A notified absence is when the employee knows in advance that they will not be able to attend work and inform their superior. If the employer were ill they would be entitled to any sickness benefit a doctor's note would be requested. Unauthorised absence are those that need to be monitored closely. When an employee simply doesn't show for their shift it lets the team down and can leave others in the lurch, plus the business would be less able to run efficiently. An accident rate is determined by the amount of accidents that have happened in the work place. All businesses have to have the equivalent of a health and safety committee. It is their job to - * Investigate and report on all accidents * Construct safety rules * Oversee health and safety training * Uphold connections with health and safety bodies * Keep up to date with the relevant national statistics and reports * Recommend any updates the company may need * Advise on any approaching legislation and relevant publicity campaigns Human resources planning help to maintain a steady flow of new people into the organisation to cover any that maybe leaving. Planning also helps to organise training programmes so each member of staff has the right skills to for fill their specific job requirements. The level of skills in any organisation should rise each year effectively making the business as a whole consistently develops. ...read more.

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