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The importance of aims and objectives to businesses.

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E2-Aims and objectives The importance of aims and objectives to businesses It is important for a business to have aims and objectives, because without aims and objectives then the business will not really be focused. Also it will have no targets, so it cannot compare how it is currently doing with the targets. Some businesses change their aims and objectives over time to help them to survive or expand with the market area that they are in. For example British Airways changed its aim from making a profit, because of the tragedy on September the 11th 2001, to having an increase in security because they needed to make sure that they could keep customers. Aims and objectives at Morrisons Morrison's aim is to offer outstanding value for money, an unbeatable customer service and a pleasant shopping experience. ...read more.


the customers wanting a wide range of products, high quality products, low prices etc.), the aims help them to please their customers, which means they might get repeat business leading to an increase in profit. The objectives of Morrisons are: 1. To employ polite friendly staff - this will help them to meet their aim, because polite and friendly staff is part of a good customer service, and "unbeatable customer service is one of their aims. Also a good customer service will make customers happy, giving them a "pleasant shopping experience" which is another one of Morrisons aims. 2. To have a wide range of products available for customers to buy. This helps them to meet their aims, because having a wide range of products available for customers to buy, means that the customers have a ...read more.


4. To make sure the products they are selling are cheaper than most rival supermarkets. This helps them to meet their aim because if their products are cheaper than most rival supermarkets, and their customer service is good, then it helps them to meet the "value for money" aim. This is because the products are cheap and the service provided by the store is good, which keeps the customers happy which also meets the "unbeatable customer service", aim and the "pleasant shopping experience" aim. 5. To have staff who have a good knowledge of the store. This helps them to meet their aim, because if they have staff who have a good knowledge of the store then they will be able to help customers with any problems, which keeps the customers happy meeting the "unbeatable customer service" aim and the "pleasant shopping experience" aim. Created by Gareth Haw ...read more.

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