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The Interaction of Functional Areas

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The Interaction of Functional Areas * Human resource works with finance to determine the salaries and wages of the employee's and also any increase in salary and bonuses. This helps the business to pay the right amount of wages or salaries. * Human resource also interacts with marketing to verify the adverts for recruitment. This helps for marketing to concentrate more on their work instead of finding new recruits * Human resource is interacted with every function because it handles job vacancies, promotion opportunities and training courses. This also helps the other function to work better since the employee's will be trained and motivated. ...read more.


This helps by controlling the over spending on promotions. * Finance interacts with sales because it needs to know the customer enquiries to check their rating before sales are made. This helps the business to check if they can continue or change the sales. * Finance will be involved with sales when discounts or when there is a problem with customer payments. This helps the business to check if the discount does not result to a loss. * Marketing interacts with customer service to get the feedback from the customers of the products sold. ...read more.


This helps the business not to overspend on equipment. * Administration interacts with marketing by keeping comprehensive customer database, analysing and recording sales, liaising with advertising agency staff, sending out literature and help to prepare presentation material. This helps to be organized and makes it easier for marketing * Administration interacts all other functions to organize meetings, interviews, does most of the paper work of the other functions and also to manage health and safety regulations. This helps to make other functions concentrate more on their work. * Production interacts with customer service to schedule and agree delivery dates of orders, so customers are not promised dates which cannot be met. * Production interacts with customer service to tell any production problems which will affect the customers. ...read more.

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