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The internal complaint procedure in Tesco. An example of a situation when something goes wrong for a customer if a customer buys a DVD player and it

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Task 3 The internal complaint procedure in Tesco. An example of a situation when something goes wrong for a customer if a customer buys a DVD player and it broke down in couple of days. Then Tesco would have to replace the product or find refunds. So in order to check whether Tesco has replaced the product or given refund to customers they can get feedback from the customers or employees in the store. Another situation could be that the customers ask the employees where a product is or information about the product and the staff tells the wrong information or invalid information. Then Tesco could analyse the situation and verify to customers that nothing like that will happen gain with an apology letter to rectify the situation. Then Tesco can try to check with customers whether their request/complaint has been dealt with properly. They can do this by directly contacting the person or give questionnaires to fill out. Another situation could be that the customers feel they have been mistreated by staff for example staff gets rude to customers or treat them in a rude way. Then Tesco would have to analyse carefully the situation and take action on employee depending on how serious the incident. However, Tesco would have to be careful as some customers might make false accusations in order to get rid of the employee. ...read more.


So when they analyse the data they have to change the data they have collected to information which is easy to understand. So Tesco could improve the service by offering various trolleys for different needs so it reaches a wider audience. They can even design trolleys which got for example automatic maps 2 direct them to what they want to get. Another example of customer service in Tesco could be having loyalty cards. This means that the customer can get points for every time they buy something at Tesco and after they get certain amounts of points they can get free products of rewards. A way of monitor this service is to give out questionnaires to customers to fill out regarding the usefulness and effectiveness of the loyalty cards. Also another way of monitoring this service is to analyse what kind of products customers buy using the loyalty cards and also see how much purchases they make, this information can be used to analyse and come to a conclusion whether this service is very successful or not. Also another way Tesco can monitor this service is by quality circles, this is where quality circles enables groups of employees who work in direct contact with the customers, in order to get ideas about how to improve the quality of the service. ...read more.


The good thing about Tesco's current practices and procedures is that current practices and procedures satisfy the customer which is very important. Another good thing about this procedure is that Tesco has a quality control, so that's where they check how the products are for example, if they are broken or damaged or if they are up to their expectation. This is important as Tesco can access fully as possible as if the product is in best condition when selling to the customers. However, some bad things about Tesco's current practices and procedures are that they take a long time to go through so customers may have to wait long for a reply. Also the procedure might not have high quality as they are trying to speed up the process so the quality of service Tesco provide might decrease. There are several changes or improvements Tesco could do, they could for example cut down some stages of the complaint process and increase the quality. This is increase customer satisfaction as their needs are met and their complaints are dealt with quickly. If everything stays the same then Tesco will be continually going at the same pace as it is going and may have the chance of losing customers as the current service take too long in dealing with complaints. ?? ?? ?? ?? YATHURSAN DEVABALAN UNIT 5 MR. SCARSBROOK ...read more.

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