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The issue concerning her, is the demand for flexibility of the workweek timetable for two of her account managers. (Jana Rowe and Davis Bennett) Should she satisfy their demands or not? Will this create any kind of conflict?

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Case Study Brief Introduction. Jessica Gonon is the Vice president of Sales and Customer support at Clarity Base. The issue concerning her, is the demand for flexibility of the workweek timetable for two of her account managers. (Jana Rowe and Davis Bennett) Should she satisfy their demands or not? Will this create any kind of conflict? This paper is divided into three sections. Part 1 will describe the advantages and disadvantages of accommodating work-life balance issues followed by an assessment of the current approach of working hours in the firm, ending up with some recommendations for Jessica. Part 2 will demonstrate evidence of group discussion on work-life balance issues in Cyprus, Greece and China. Finally, Part 3 will describe the productivity potentials of multi-cultural teams, linking it with the performance of our team. PART 1 Advantages: * Family friendly environment. High flexibility in working hours gives the firm a competitive advantage in employment terms. The firm can pride itself for its family friendly environment and will be seen by prospect employees as ideal to work within, since it would be one that considers employee demands to a very personal level. Therefore, the firm would have a wider range of people to choose from during the firm's next vacancies. * Low employee turnover. Clarity-Base has succeeded to keep employee turnover below 5% annually, something, which is not usual in the software industry. This was due to the pro-parent environment that maintains, including an on-site childcare centre that the firm subsidized, family medical insurance, adoption assistance and paid maternity and paternity leave. ...read more.


Moreover, she should encourage more communication and cooperation between the employees. It would have been easier for them if they operated in a collective way; then they would get their work done while satisfying their personal needs. Jessica should realise that there are no clear corporate policies, programs, or guidelines. Therefore, the board of directors should meet and set-up policies for work-life and family issues and re-assign the timetable of each staff. Otherwise, managers like Jessica will be creating those policies in ad hoc fashion. Moreover, "difficulty ratings" for clients can be created so that bonuses and incentives can be given for account managers that have the most difficult clients. Hence a rotation can be created between account managers so that they can all have a yearly total of a same rating. Furthermore, account managers could choose which client to have, knowing that higher salaries would be where the difficult clients are. Finally, Jessica could encourage her personnel to consider creative ways to get their work done through the use of technology. That could be through voice mail and e-mail. Thus, account managers can work from home in order to reduce the amount of meetings they have to carry out with their clients; something which might even be preferred by the clients for saving up time. PART 2 Similar work-life balance issues have been examined for Cyprus, Greece and China. Firstly, we consider Cyprus and Greece. In these countries employee satisfaction is important with the existence of strong Trade Unions. ...read more.


so that idea sharing could be optimised. Before this sub-division though, we had a couple of meetings with everyone involved to brainstorm and discuss all the questions together. Everyone contributed his/her ideas to the rest of the group. In this way, problems were viewed from different perspectives because of the group diversity. Hence, more possible solutions were suggested since the subject was tackled from different cultural dimensions. Despite this efficiency our group had, there was a difficulty having a consensus because of the strong views everyone had. Having multi-cultural awareness, we observed that the Chinese people had a more collectivism culture rather than the Cypriot and Greek people who were more individualistic. This had an influence on the performance of the group as a whole because Greek and Cypriot wanted to work individually whereas the Chinese were more towards group work. This was one more reason for dividing the group into three sub-groups and concentrating the same cultures in each group. Conflict and disagreement occurred mainly on the timings of the meetings. Some of the group members showed no flexibility for agreeing on meeting timings. However, with appropriate negotiation we got over this problem and arranged meetings in a way that everyone was satisfied. The results of our group work were very satisfactory. Everyone prepared his/her part and the presenters of the sub-groups were well interrelated with one another. The outcomes of this group work other than the debate for work life balance issues in America and other countries, was the experience of cultural differences and how to adapt with them; something very important for future career development. ...read more.

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