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The key elements of a Team

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A team is a group of individuals, working together to achieve a common goal. A team comprises a number of key elements that are integral to the team's efficacy. The first key element of any business team is awareness of the bigger picture. All employees are team members striving to achieve not only their own targets but ultimately to achieve the goals of the company. This is why it is important that each person is fully aware of the organisations objectives and has a clear understanding of their own role and how they fit in to the business plan and the contribution they are expected to make towards achieving company goals as a team. ...read more.


Team members must offer support and encouragement to each other. Team members often recognise each department as a team of its own with the employees within that department being its team members. However it can sometimes be forgotten that this concept also extends upwards to recognising that the organisation as a whole is a team with its different departments or units being it's individual team members. Employees must therefore work co-operatively both within their departments and with other departments to achieve organisational goals together. A team is only as strong as its weakest team member and therefore team members should do their best to help each other even if it means doing something that isn't necessarily part of their own job description. ...read more.


The team as a whole should be prepared to accept responsibility for actions and decisions as a group and there must be no blame on any individual if failure occurs. Equally, the team as a whole can enjoy a shared sense of achievement when successful regardless of who was particularly responsible for the success, as there are no glory winners in a team. In conclusion an effective team is one that communicates well, co-operates with each other and stays focused on not only the goal to be reached but more importantly on the fact that it is to be reached with an entire team effort. It makes use of all the varying expertise available within the team as required and each team member remains respectful to and considerate of other team members at all times. ...read more.

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