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The level of Customer Service Within Sainsbury's Supermarkets

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The level of Customer Service Within Sainsbury's Supermarkets Introduction The aim of this report is to look at the different methods used by research companies to measure customer service and show how they work and how affective they are. The report will then use a questionnaire along with the support of Sainsbury' s Bridgmead store to see how their customer service is rated by their regular customers. The different methods of measuring customer service Customer satisfaction is the extent to which the requirements of the customer are met by the supermarkets and shops. A service is considered satisfactory if it fulfils the needs and expectations of the customer(s), whether the customer is the general public or another business. Measuring this satisfaction is an important element of providing better, more effective and efficient services. When customers are not satisfied with a service as provided, the service is neither effective nor efficient and can result in a loss of business. Why do we measure customer satisfaction? The level of customer satisfaction with services is an important factor in developing a system of service provisions such as the 7P's: * Product * People * Price * Physical Evidence * Place * Processes * Promotion Theses areas of any business are responsive to the customers needs while minimising costs and time requirements and maximising the impact of the services on target populations. ...read more.


Another way of measuring customer service is through the use of focus groups. These are good and often go into more detail than a questionnaire can as more time will be spent on each question. Also more suggestions will be put forward as to how customers fell the business can improve. The down side to this form of research is that it is very costly and can take up a long time, which people participating in will need to be compensated for their time. Another problem is that the questions asked in these focus groups are mainly open, which means making a clear analysis of the responces is very hard. Also the quiet people participating in the focus group could become influenced by the strong members of the group, which means a valid point that someone has may not get voiced. The reports survey for Sainsbury's Bridgmead Looking at the possible ways that the survey could be carried out the report has decided to go with a questionnaire. The reason, as the report has shown, for taking the questionnaire is that it is easer to analyse the response from the customers. Developing the questionnaire When developing the questionnaire the report decided to split the report up into four different sectors. ...read more.


This shows that the last employee that the customer will see is delivering the level of service that will attract the customer back into the store. (A bar graph of question eight can be found in the appendix 5.0) From question eight the customer is noticing that the employees on the tills are overall keeping themselves as well as their till clean and presentable. This shows the customer that employees are committed to giving a good service at the checkouts and each customer is an individual and not just another customer that they have to serve during their shift. Overall level of service Overall the customers felt that their shopping experience was acceptable, which shows that the Sainsbury's store is just doing enough to keep their regular customers happy. To improve this, the Sainsbury's store needs to look at the level of specialist knowledge each member of staff knows about their individual departments. By achieving this it will help see which employees need some extra training to inform customers better. Conclusion Looking back through the report has shown the key ways to measure customer service and how affective they can be when they are used properly. Also the report has shown how a well constructed and executed questionnaire can help a business develop and improve its level of customer service without having to drastically change the businesses working practise. ?? ?? ?? ?? James Pitcher 10/05/2007 Marketing3.doc P1 ...read more.

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