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The marketing concept has evolved over the last years, marketing reflects to a key approach to doing business

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The marketing concept has evolved over the last years, marketing reflects to a key approach to doing business. An organisations objective is to make profit, to do this they have to consider the marketing concept, in order to satisfy customers. For an organisation to be successful should divert its attention away from particular products and towards the interest of the customers. Customers changing their needs and wants influence an organisations strategies and plans. Meeting customer's needs is the main key in marketing. The chartered institute of marketing used the following definition: Marketing is "The management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably".1 The definition explores that the customer is at the centre of the organisations activity. "Marketing consists of individual and organisational activities that facilitate and expedite satisfying exchange relationship in a dynamic environment through the creation, distribution, promotion and pricing of goods, services and ideas."2 Understanding customers and anticipating their requirements is a core theme of effective marketing, for a business to be successful it requires satisfied customers who return to the business to provide additional custom. Customer's requirements change as their needs alter, having a change in spending powers due to increase in salary. ...read more.


Marks and Spencer develops very close links with these suppliers. It insists that the goods that it buys meet pre-determined specifications. An organisation needs to create and maintain an appropriate marketing mix, which will satisfy the customers in the target market. An organisation will control the product, place, price and promotion in order to satisfy their customers8. Product is the important element to an organisations marketing mix, for a product to be successful must meet the customer needs. A product can be seen in different ways9, a person buys an overcoat to keep warm, buys sunglasses to shade their eyes from the sun and buys a watch to tell the time. This isn't a particular product that a person will buy; an item needs to fit in with our particular perceptions. So you wouldn't buy any coat, sunglasses and watch, you will buy the product that suites your needs, for example, Sony had designed a CD walkman, that their customers can carry with them, it was big in size and wouldn't fit in to a pocket easily, Sony have now adapted this product and have launched a Mini Disc walkman which looks similar to a CD walkman but it is half the size and has additional features. ...read more.


Products can be communicated in various methods such as advertising, sales promotion, public relations, packaging and display14, for example, mobile phones are advertised in magazines, newspaper, Internet and posters on shop windows. This is too keep the customers interested in the products and for the organisation to build a relationship with the customer, the organisation will offer money or discount to the person who recommends a friend to the company, for example Argos will give their customers �10 credit if they recommend a friend15. In conclusion, the marketing concept is the major aim to an organisation. It can clearly be seen that marketing focuses on the satisfaction of the customer needs, wants, and requirements. From the above analysis, for an organisation to be successful, needs to meet the requirements of the customers, in order to do this the organisation needs to consider the views of customers and to see what the customers requires. Organisations need to maintain a good relationship with their customers because they need to satisfy the customer through a set of activities, which will also allow the organisation to achieve its goal. The marketing mix, which explore the, price, place, product and promotion variable. These are adapted and focused upon the customer. The customer will consider weather or not to purchase, where to purchase, the item that they prefer. (1,558 words). ...read more.

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