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The Marketing Concept.

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Task 1 The Marketing Concept 'To achieve success companies must go further than mere customer satisfaction, they must do it better than competition.' A quote from Jobber in 1995 was: - 'The achievement of corporate goals through meeting and exceeding customer needs better than the competition.' Basically I think that these quotes mean that to gain a customer you must work to please everyone's needs and wants before thinking about profit. If a company has no customers then it can't make profit which means there is no reason for its existence. Marketing is more about the customers not the company, so this why all the marketing in a business should be spot on. Product research, the location of a store (if applicable), etc. I chose to look at the McDonalds marketing concept and found this example of model marketing concept and thought how McDonalds would use these guidelines to meet customer wants and needs. Marketing concept It is a fundamental idea of marketing that organisations survive and prosper through meeting the needs and wants of customers. This important perspective is commonly known as the marketing concept. The marketing concept is about matching a company's capabilities with customer wants. This matching process takes place in what is called the marketing environment. ...read more.


Which leads us finally to an important summary point. A marketing orientated business is one that which has adopted the marketing concept This example shows that customers are much more important than the profit a company receives in the long run. Although McDonalds are customer orientated they still need the profit to be a successful corporation. McDonalds have changed their menu's to a healthier eating plan, as people are now more worried about their health, so they have introduced things like salads and different burgers like the chicken club flatbread and Pasta with chicken salad. With their existing menu they have lowered prices and made a new list of options called the McChoice menu. This includes: - * An ice-cream cone for 49p * A chocolate donut and a hamburger for 59p * An apple pie and a cheeseburger for 69p * A box of Mcmini's for 79p * And Chicken Selects, Double cheeseburger and a McFlurry al for 99p Not only have McDonald's changed their menu's but they have now changed their slogan from 'Things that make you go mmmmmmmmm' to 'I'm lovin' it'. Along with this new slogan they have recruited Justin Timberlake, an admired pop star, as their promotional figurehead. This will create more awareness of the new slogan, which with it brings new atmosphere to the restaurants around the globe. ...read more.


* Kids Zone (games are on this link) * Football (A competition run every year by McDonald's. This gives kids a chance to brush up on their skills with professional coaches) * Community (The page shows how McDonald's are helping local communities and the environment) * Offers (This is a mix between the 'New Tastes Menu' and the ' McChoice Menu' but also gives information about the Company as well) * Mac * (All the latest offers, that aren't food, with things like competitions and prizes that can be won. Also the McDonalds's club) If you aren't happy about something to do with McDonald's in general you can contact the Company directly. Also if you having trouble finding the nearest McDonald's restaurant then the site gives you locator. All that needs to be done is you enter your home postcode and the site will find the closest restaurant to you, and also give directions of how top get there. So if I were asked if McDonalds have stuck to the marketing concept, and have followed the fact that the customer is always right, I would have to say that they have. Making sure the customer comes first is something McDonalds have achieved very well because they have changed their styles to suit everyone's needs and wants. In doing this they have taken a big risk with their existing products and tried to promote a new image that customers will, hopefully, approve of either sooner or later. Mike Gurnhill ...read more.

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