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The Marketing Mix.

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The Marketing Mix The major marketing management decisions can be classified in one of the following four categories: * Product * Price * Place (distribution) * Promotion These variables are known as the marketing mix or the 4 P's of marketing. They are the variables that marketing managers can control in order to best satisfy customers in the target market. The marketing mix is portrayed in the following diagram: The Marketing Mix The firm attempts to generate a positive response in the target market by blending these four marketing mix variables in an optimal manner. Product Microsoft needs the Xbox to be the leader in the gaming market and needs a competitive advantage over the Sony Playstation and the Game cube. Xbox has many features, which will appeal to different audiences. From the SWOT an analysis I conclude the Product should contain the following features: * A good reputation with customers * Development potential * To become the hardware giant not just the software giant * To have good game development companies behind the Xbox The Xbox has many functions such as a DVD player which only can be activated by purchasing remote control which is sold separately, Microsoft should decide that to give this free with the Xbox when someone purchase it, because the competitor Sony Playstation 2 has a DVD facility; as to my secondary information I done a questionnaire, and I asked 'what do you consider first when buying a games ...read more.


do, they need to show a bit of game play of the video games so people can see the graphics, because in my primary information I found out that that from my research that 10 out of 20 people, half of the people that I handed out the questionnaire out, said they would consider to purchase a games console, if it had good graphics. This is good for Microsoft because they have produced a very powerful console and they need to show it to the public so they know what the Xbox is about. Also I feel that Microsoft can advertise in magazines, because from my primary information I found out that 4 out of 20 people were subscribed to gaming a magazine, which is nearly quarter of people that I handed out the questionnaire. Sales Promotion Microsoft needs to work with the retailers to produce the best sale promotions from its competitors. They need to make offers such as buy the Xbox and receive free games with it. They have started to do this with different retailers, as you can see below I found this on the Internet, it was a offer, you got the console, an extra controller, Halo, and a free copy of MGS2 Substance which just has been on released on the Xbox on 28/03/2003. Xbox Console + Joytech Controller + Halo + FREE MGS2 Substance street price: �257.96 gameplay price: �199.99 you save: �57.97 FREE DELIVERY �312.48 currency converter Usually sent within 3 days category: Hardware age: 15 years old and above. ...read more.


Microsoft needs to sponsor big band concerts such as the Linkin Park's concert, because bands like Linkin Park attract huge audiences to their concerts, with the Xbox logo all round the stage people will see the Xbox logo and they might decide to buy it, also what Microsoft can do is that before the concert begins they can show linkin Park playing the console and having fun, this may also lead the audience to go out and buy the Xbox because they will see their favorite band playing the Xbox. Internet Promotion Microsoft can also promote the Xbox by using Internet promotion, they can do this by using e-mail because a person might be registered with a gaming website and they might receive gaming news every fortnight they might links of stores websites where you can purchase the Xbox, Xbox can pay these websites to do this. Also Xbox have advertised on their own official website where they give you a list of the places where you can purchase the Xbox, this is because if someone visits the website and they decide that the Xbox is the console for them they do not have to leave there seat and they can chose the best package deal for them. This is good because from my primary research I found that 5 out of 20 people I handed out the questionnaire purchased their gaming related products from the Internet. AVCE Business Studies Marketing Assignment Unit 3 By Osman Bashir ...read more.

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