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The Marketing Mix for Last Minute.com

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The Marketing Mix for Last Minute.com Author: Chelsea Stafford Wednesday 13th December 2006 Contents Introduction 3 Procedure 3 Case study 3 Background 4 Findings 4 Marketing mix 4 What the 4Ps are: 5 Additional 3Ps 6 Last minute.com case study 7 Price 7 Place 7 Product 8 Promotion 8 People 9 Processes 9 Physical Evidence 10 Conclusion 10 Bibliography 11 Internet 11 Books 11 Introduction Analysis and report on the marketing mix for lastminute.com and to review each aspect of the 4 ps and how the additional 3 ps of the marketing mix add value to the service marketing of lastminute.com marketing activities. Evaluate the marketing activities of lastminute.com in terms of the marketing mix. Procedure Evidence to support the following report was gathered from several areas: Research of lastminute.com Review of handouts Reference to marketing books Case study Analysis of the above research was undertaken to produce a report regarding each aspect of the marketing mix for lastminute.com. Background Lastminute.com was set up in 1998 with its aim to become the number one European e-commerce lifestyle player by delighting their customers with great value inspirations and solutions. ...read more.


In service situations, physical evidence would relate to the aircraft in which you fly the hotel in which you stay, the stadium in which you are watching the big match. All three additional Ps help to create something unique that the potential customer will recognise and value, this distinguishes one organisations product from another. The process in which you deal with the merchandise or people will help you become efficient and effective in the market place adding value to the product. The people that offer your service will be the ones remembered by the customer and the physical appearance will help the product become a number one best seller. Last minute.com case study Looking at the case study last minute.com they seem to have developed a suitable marketing mix to attract the appropriate customers. Price Last minute offers good value for money through reputable products and for searchers those whose time is precious and whose lifestyles require immediate satisfactions, rather than being a bargain basement store. They have little or no overheads as everything is offered over the internet with other companies' products. Place They are an internet based travel website. ...read more.


Offering a fast and effective customer service Physical Evidence Advertising within the website changes day in day out to reflect the time of day and any special offer or events for that day or the season which we are in. Depending on the type of product being bought a gift wrapping service is provided and an optional delivery service is offered. The website is designed to be informative and user friendly. The use of bold colours on its website has helped people to relate the pink and black colours to last minute.com. Conclusion Last minute.com has combined the 4ps to drive future loyalty and extra sales. Extended variety of quality checked products has been its greatest strength, with the loyalty and partnership of its companies, staff and customers. Last minute .com has managed to guarantee its source and product delivery by people directly involved with the company. It has latched on to 'time poor' consumers, and offers great solution and ideas, excellent service and an appealing product and fast and efficient process and offering good value for money. It has become an agent putting sellers and buyers together. It has 45% of the population at it finger tips being at the forefront of the internet revolution. ...read more.

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