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The marketing of the Bridge Cafe Buffets is aimed towards all age groups. As the Bridge is part of the church buffets are offered for weddings

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CONTENTS PAGE Introduction. The Bridge Caf�. The marketing in practice. The macro-environment. The five competitive forces. Management expectations. Buyer behaviour. Market segmentation. The marketing mix. Pie chart showing market segmentation. The Bridge Caf� Take Away Menu. The Bridge Caf� Music Menus. The Bridge Caf� Buffet Menus. INTRODUCTION This report was commissioned by Mrs A Bernard to show my understanding of the tools, techniques and ideas presented in the marketing module. The report will cover marketing orientation, practice approach, impact and buyer behaviour. Development of marketing segments and the marketing mix. To display my understanding I have used the Bridge Caf�, which has been trading for eighteen months and is expanding its services. It is part of the Christ Church community outreach program and is designed to offer good food at a very reasonable price. The marketing of the Bridge Cafe Buffets is aimed towards all age groups. As the Bridge is part of the church buffets are offered for weddings, birthdays, christenings, blessings and funerals as well as family functions and also as part of the conference facilities. With such a wide age range of customers the marketing has to appeal to a huge range of people from a variation of backgrounds. The service the Bridge offers can be tailor made to fit to the client's needs and taste as well as a pre defined menu of various prices. With the ability to meet with clients for a more personal touch or by telephone, fax or e-mail for a faster more efficient service we can stay ahead in research and the development as trends change and different age groups have different tastes. We know our customers as we all eat and have an understanding of different diets and customs relating to religion. The clients that have already used the Bridge Buffets Service have found it easier to approach them to arrange a tailor designed menu for their guests as the staff are very approachable and are willing to spend time talking to the clients and their needs and desires. ...read more.


The management expects the buffet business to expand from its current level of out put. The church is expanding its services by building an education centre and expanding its music school. With the size of its already busy rooms and halls it see's the Bridge doing all the catering for the church functions. There are no stakeholders but the buffet service is expected to make enough profit to cover the wages of the staff it employees and the running cost. Buyer behaviour is a mainly seasonal cycle. As the Bridge is connected to the church obvious religious festivals are very busy periods such as Christmas time where the buffet service is booked to cater for a large number of events both within the church and externally. Weddings and christenings happen all year round and therefore are fairly constant. Funerals tend to be more during the colder time of the year and therefore in the wintertime the buffets are booked to be delivered to the client's home. During the summer months the church hosts a number of conferences, meetings and gatherings. Clubs, which meet at the church rooms, use thee buffet service for their parties. The segmentation of this market is quite small as it is food preparation, delivery, service and clearing away by the collection afterwards. The segmentation is client based with their needs. (See pie chart). These services are developed by customer demands. Depending on the customer requirements and trends sets the standard and the service the Bridge will provide. If customers require a small dinner party that is per-prepared and just needs to be re-heated at the customers home the food will be freshly prepared and delivered to the customer with full instructions of how to heat and serve the food along with the temperatures the food should be stored at and heated to which will comply with food safety standards. Further segmentations in to the catering business, which could be offered by the Bridge, is catering for children's parties including cakes. ...read more.


Local taxes and import duties may add to the cost or cause a problem. Competitive analysis follows the same pattern as a domestic market. Research should be done into other exporters into if they have entered the foreign market and any problems they experienced. Political and Legal Factors. Some countries and governments restrict the import of goods from certain countries. Advertising, sales promotion, pricing regulations, direct marketing constraints, contract law and consumer protection legislation must be thoroughly investigated to ensure the product is well received by all. Market Selection. Once the product is selected the marketer must examine the opportunities and threats within the marketing environment of their own organisations strengths, weaknesses, skills, assets and goals. Market Entry Methods. The entry method will depend on a number of factors. Paliwoda cites six main factors which are; 1. Speed - What time scale does the organisation foresee entry into the market? Some methods may be achieved within months while others may take years. 2. Cost - How much will it cost the organisation to enter the market? Do the benefits from using one method instead of another justify its higher cost? 3. Flexibility - How mush flexibility does the organisation want to retain? Some entry methods allow the organisation to leave the market or expand. Some may require long-term contractual agreements or long term financial commitments, which could restrict the organisations future options. 4. Risk Factor - These cover all aspects of the marketing environment but mainly competitive and political risk. Some entry methods can help reduce certain types of risks. 5. Pay Back Period - Pressure from within the organisation to produce a fast return on their investment in a foreign market. 6. Long Term Profit Objectives - The organisation has to look forward to what it wants to achieve in the future and how it can exploit the opportunities available in the foreign market Principles of Marketing. Brassington and Pettitt. Page 1016. The above diagram shows the market entry methods. ...read more.

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