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the marketing plan-promotion

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The marketing plan- Promotion

When advertising or promoting the goods and services a business sells, there are two types of advertising; above the line promotion, and below the line promotion.

   Above the line promotion includes things such as, television adverts, radio adverts, billboards, magazines, newspapers and advertising. These above the line methods of promotion are more expensive then below the line promotion, but these methods reach a lot more people in one go and can be very effective, so are more suitable for larger businesses. And if my business could afford to do this then I think it would be a great way to promote my service and products. For example if I wanted to make a television advert that lasted 30 seconds it would cost the business at least £1000, if the business wanted to play the advert at different or more popular times of the day then it would cost more.

   Below the line promotion includes, door to door sales, handing out leaflets and flyers, direct mail, point of sale and public relations. These are normally much cheaper then above the line promotion, for example I went on the Internet and found that I could buy 5000 leaflets for £190 from this source http://www.azimuthprint.co.uk/leaflets.php. Below the line promotion is a more targeted approach, and will normally have direct contact with the customer.

   When making an advertisement such as television adverts, there are strict legal boundaries. The people that enforce these strict boundaries are called the ASA, this stands for Advertising Standards Authority. An advert can not contain anything inappropriate and must be fair and honest, tell the truth, and can not be racist or contain offensive material.

   Due to the fact that my business is a small business and therefore has limited financial funds available, I intent to use below the line promotion. I am going to send out more questionnaires, hand out leaflets and flyers and also I would advertise my business in a local newspaper as this wouldn’t cost that much and it would reach quite a lot of people. I thought about using a celebrity to promote my business but my business would not have enough capital to afford this so it wouldn’t be possible.

   In order to promote my business I would have an offer promoted in the local magazine to attract initial customer when the business is starting. Hopefully if I offered the right service then people will want to come back.  

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