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The needs of different customers at Drayton Manor Park

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The needs of different customers at Drayton Manor Park The customer needs for individuals All the customers that come to Drayton Manor Park have their own individual needs. Each individual customer likes to be provided with different services to make them self feel more comfortable. Some unpredictable situations would be that if there was a security alert that would affect each individual customer in Drayton Manor Park. If a customer was on a ride and it immediately broke down and it would cause a risk to the customer, depending of the physical status of the customer, he or she would want to be treaded differently. If a customer had an illness or some sort of medical problem, they would want to be treated in a way that they would be most comfortable. All customers of Drayton Manor Park would want their information to be kept private and safe, so when they go and buy products on a credit card, they would expect their information to be kept safe and not given out, so Drayton Manor park has got a data protection act, where any customers information cannot be viewed by anyone that hasn't got authority. ...read more.


People of old aged sometime find it hard to keep up to what staff members are saying so they should provide trained staff to deal with them. Sometimes customers might get ill on the rides or on the park and the staff has to treat them, if the small aged children get ill they will have to treat them in a different way to OAP's, so they will have to have trained staff to do all this. Needs for people from different cultures All customers want to be treated well, so they want the staff to be good to them, they won't want to be racially abused by staff just because they are of a different culture. Drayton Manor Park has many restaurants and different people from different cultures have specific food or diet requirements such a vegetarian food and halal food, so the park should provide their customers with food that all people can eat. The needs for non-English speakers Many people from around the world come to Drayton Manor Park, and they all may not no English and they will find it hard ...read more.


The needs for young children Young children often find it hard to understand and respond to adults, so the park should provide friendly staff who knows how to treat young children. The park should also provide simplified instructions around the park, so it is easier for the children to understand, instead of them going around looking for staff and asking them, this will also save time for the staff. If there is a security alert in the park, the security should be aware to get all the children out of the park safely and to see that there are no children around the park when they shouldn't be. Young children often don't like to eat the same food adults do, so the park should provide the children with food that they most like to each such as chips and burgers. The needs for business people Sometimes business groups go and visit the park looking for various information, and it is the parks duty to provide them with that information. Business peoples understand is sometimes greater than other customers, to they should be treated in a more formal way. By Sheryar Ahmed ...read more.

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