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The organisation I have chosen for my Business Studies project is Argos. Argos is a popular organisation with approximately 60 employees in each branch. The branch I concentrated on is the Edgware Road store.

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Business at Work Assessment Portfolio The organisation I have chosen for my Business Studies project is Argos. Argos is a popular organisation with approximately 60 employees in each branch. The branch I concentrated on is the Edgware Road store. E1: BUSINESS ACCORDING TO OWNERSHIP Argos is one the UK's largest non-food retail chains, with sales over �2bn. Argos is a Public Limited Company (PLC). This means its shares are brought and sold on the Stock Exchange. A main advantage of this is that large amounts of capital can be quickly raised. Another popular method by which Argos raises share capital is by offering new shares for sale to the general public. Argos' shares are advertised in leading newspapers and the public are invited to apply. This enables it to have limited liability. This means that if the business goes bankrupt because it is not able to meet its debts, the shareholders will not be responsible by law to lose their possessions to pay money that is owed. Being a PLC also helps Argos expand by selling its shares, this means there will be an increase in market share resulting in more capital. These shareholders receive a share of profit in form of dividends normally twice a year. Being a PLC means it is easier to obtain finance both through issuing new shares and borrowing from banks. PLC find that as they grow larger they lose control over many aspects of the business operation. This could mean Argos can only make capital according to its share price and shareholders. The lower the price of the share, the lower the profit made and the lower the number of shares sold, the lower the number of shareholders which means lower capital made. ...read more.


The stock room stores the products, and the employees working in it tend to pass on products required by the costumer from the stockroom to the front till. The employees in the stockroom have regular checks on products and the number of products leaving and arriving into the stock room. Elizabeth Duke's stockroom contains jewellery, and is very small. There are approximate 5 employees in this department. The same job is required from these employees as those who work in the main stockroom. The Costumer Service's department, is concerned with costumers who are unsatisfied with Argos's products, costumers with ideas or suggestions and costumers with comments. At the Costumer Service's department, the most popular costumers tend to be those who are unsatisfied with their products and are claiming a replacement or a refund. This is an important department in Argos, because: ' We are customer focused' The administration department is involved with dealing with enquires, communication messages, and producing documents. This department keeps the business organised and without it Argos will struggle with external communication and lose important and unorganised records. The finance department manages the money coming in and out the organisation. It is made of accountants who keep detailed records of money going in and out. Without this department Argos will have an unorganised record of the financial issues in the organisation. This may lead to disorganisation of data, which means employees might get confused resulting in their lack of motivation. This will result in poor communication with costumers, which lead to costumer dissatisfaction. It will mean Argos will become less popular as there would be fewer costumers, which implies that the objective of being popular and starting to expand is not met. ...read more.


The use of computers has also replaced range-standardised operations such as interfacing with costumers. E.g. costumers of Argos use filling-in forms in order to request for an item. E6: PRODUCTIONS PROCESS ADDS VALUE TO THE SERVICE (Appendix 2): The production process uses inputs resources to produce services. Argos' input includes people's effort and energy, material goods, a place of work, equipments, and extra information needed. The aim of Argos is to add value to the service they provide resulting in a profit being made due to the goods they sell. Argos tries to make the goods it sells attractive to customers by making sure they are delivered at best conditions e.g. no delays in delivery, and making sure no goods are damaged due to storage etc. Argos tries to improve productivity by using method studies. This is when they critically examine all the tasks done to make sure jobs are performed to the employees best potential. They also measure the time it takes for a member of staff to complete the task they were set, and make sure that all the available resources are used efficiently to met the needs of the customer. This allows business to schedule work, and deicide upon replacing inefficient employees. However the manger of Argos' Edgware Road's branch quoted: 'It is hard to produce a balance between being productivity and customer needs as occasionally they can conflict.' Types of productions used in Argos: * Project Production; this evolves planning tasks and making sure it is carried out successfully * Just-In-Time Productions; this is when good are produced just in time for them to be sold. E6: QUALITY ASSURANCE & QUALITY CONTROL SYSTEM ADDS VALUE TO THE BUSINESS Costumers are attracted to goods of high quality, which satisfies their expectations. Businesses therefore compete with Sarah Khalil 1 ...read more.

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