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The pattern of farming in the U.K.

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The pattern of farming in the U.K. Different types of farms are distributed across the United Kingdom. In certain areas of the U.K. there is a predominant type of farming due to economic and physical factors. Cereal farming is a type of arable farming. Cereals are the most important arable crops grown in the U.K. Cereals are located mainly in Southeast of the U.K. This is because of various physical and climate factors. The land in this part of the U.K is very flat or gently undulating and is less than 200m above sea level. Low flat land allows large machinery to be used on the farms easily. The climate is warm with summer temperatures on average at about 16?C and a lot of sunshine. ...read more.


They are located in these places because it is unsuitable for large machinery for crops and steep are sturdy and capable to cope with uneven terrain. The climate is very cool in summer (10 �C) with low sunshine and cold in winter (0 �C). There is a large amount of rainfall (over 1000mm). The soils here are unfertile and thin which makes it very difficult for arable farming. In these areas it is very difficult to grow crops and instead because sheep can cope with the climate and relief they are located in these areas. Market gardening is an intensive growing of vegetables, fruit and flowers. Market gardening is located in small areas of the South east of the U.K. The land is very similar to the land where cereal farming takes place. It is flat, low lying. ...read more.


road and rail) so that they can be taken to market quickly. Dairying is another type of pastoral farming. It is mainly located in the southwest of the U.K. These areas contain flat gently sloping relief. The climate is mild summer temperatures of about 16�C and winter temperatures of above 5�C allowing pasture to grow all year round. The high rainfall (1500-2000mm per year) allows a rich growth of grassland for the cows to feed on. Dairy farming is also influenced by human factors. Dairy farming like market gardening has to be near to good transport links and urban areas because of milks perishability. This is so that it can be delivered to houses and supermarkets. These four types of farming all rely on relief, climate and sometimes, economic factors. This is the reason for a large, varied distribution of different types of farming in the United Kingdom. ?? ?? ?? ?? 5/6/2007 ...read more.

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