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The Performance Appraisal System being utilized by the Government of Pakistan

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Term paper submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for HRM-332 The Performance Appraisal System being utilized by the Government of Pakistan Table of contents * Introduction * Review of the Annual Confidential Report * Different methodologies used in the ACR * Analysis of the Methodologies * Recommendations and Conclusion Introduction: "To imbed our values, we give our people 360-degree evaluations, with input from superiors, peers and subordinates. These are the roughest evaluations you can get, because people here think about themselves as they have never heard before". John F.Welch. This term paper pertains to the topic Performance Management. Our assignment is to analyze the Performance appraisal system currently being utilized by the Government of Pakistan. This process is a formal process in an organization where by each employee is evaluated to determine how he/she is performing. Performance appraisals are specifically serves the following purposes; performances improvement, compensation adjustments, placement decision, training and development needs, career planning and development, staffing process, deficiencies, informational inaccuracies, job designs errors, to provide equal employment opportunity, overcome external challenges and providing feed back to Human Resources. ...read more.


Part 2,3 and 4 use the discrete rating scale, which falls under the past-oriented appraisal approaches. It is a "subjective evaluation of an individual's performance along a scale from low to high"1. Part 5 uses two methodologies, The Field Essay Methodology in part 5a. 5b and 5c have elements of Critical Incident and Accomplishment within the field essay method. Part 6 uses the Comparative Approach methodology. Within this it employees the group order ranking method. Part 7 of the ACR does not use any specific methodology but just is a mean of ensuring that the assessment is fair and correct. Part 8 avails the behaviorally anchored checklist. It is also a past oriented appraisal method. Advantages & Disadvantages of the methodologies applied in the ACR: Part I The information in part I of the ACR comprises of the personal data related to the employee. Part II, III and IV "Subjective evaluation of an individual's performance along a scale from low to high." ...read more.


Part IX Advantages * Reduces some bias * Practical * Standardized * Ease of administration. Disadvantages * Cost ineffective * Susceptible to rater bias. (Halo effect) * Misinterpretation of check list items * No relative ratings for comparison. * Use of personal criteria instead of job performance. Recommendations: - It is can be concluded that the ACR is deficient in the employee contribution to the appraisal, especially any form of self-appraisal. Therefore it is recommended that there should be a section involving the employee through self-analysis as well as the management's response to it. This can be achieved through the "self appraisal" and "MBO" methods. The employee should be provided with the opportunity to review their appraisals also. Further a formal system of review or appeal should be available for appraisal disagreements.5 Within the current ACR performance appraisal standards should be re-evaluated and established. Jobs should be bench marked. "Attention should be denoted to identifying those attributes relevant to job performance and defining them on the rating instrument so they can be as reliable and valid as the more elaborate measurement techniques. ...read more.

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