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The Personnel Function In Business

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The Personnel Function In Business The Personnel or Human Resources Department of a company deals with all the issues that relate to the people that work in that company. In many ways people are the most important factor in production, business is all about people, it uses human skills and talents to produce an increasing number of goods and services. Nowadays machines are gradually taking over some of the jobs that used to be done by people but people are still important. Motivations for Work Why do people work? People work for all sorts of different reasons but the main ones are: Money - working enables us to buy what we consider to be essential goods and services as well as many luxuries. Progress - people gain a sense of achievement as they make progress at work, promotion or the hope of it makes people work harder. Status -many people gain pleasure from their status that their job gives them; they strive to get a better position at work as the higher their status the more outward signs there are of their importance. Togetherness - some people like to work as they become part of a team and people need to feel they belong. ...read more.


The most common of which are as follows: * Time rates- a rate is agreed through union collective bargaining and this sets an hourly rate of pay, which will then be paid to the worker at the end of the week. Britain has just agreed to implement of minimum wage policy so that no worker should fall below �3.60 an hour. In addition to the hourly rate of pay some workers are able to work overtime for additional pay. This has to be agreed between both sides before the work is carried out and is usually paid at a higher hourly rate than the normal pay. Some workers are also entitled to earn a shift premium payment where they are rewarded with extra pay for working unsociable hours such as the night shift. * Payment by results- (PBR) these are incentive schemes that attempt to make people work harder by linking their pay to their performance. One common PBR system is called piecework where workers are paid for each item they produce, this is quite successful in encouraging work as the worker tries to make as many items as possible in the time allowed. Bonuses are another system of PBR where workers are paid a bonus at set times of the year based on the total output of the company, while ...read more.


Examples of fringe benefits are contributions to a pensions scheme, free travel to work, subsidised canteen meals, free uniform, discounts on purchases of the firms goods and services, company and private health insurance. Working Hours The days when everyone had a nine till five job are rapidly disappearing and more and more companies allow employees some flexibility in there hours of work. Some companies operate an annual hours system where they employ people to work a set number of hours to work so that the company is busy the employees working hours a week but might have other times of the year hardly work at all. Flexitime is another system of variable hours where workers agree to work a core time but make the rest of their hours up to suit them so they might work from early one day but start later the next. Job Sharing is a system whereby two people share the same job and one does the job in the morning and the other in the afternoon or they work alternate days or weeks. Maternity leave and career breaks are two other ways in which working has become more flexible. Paid holidays from work are becoming longer with many firms now giving 4 or 5 weeks paid holiday in addition to the eight bank holidays. Daniel Sparkes 10L 07/05/07 N:\Business\Human Resources\The Personnel Function In Business.doc ...read more.

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