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The purpose for the report is to explain and outline the role of stakeholders, customer service, protection of customers, job roles, working arrangements, recruitment, training and employee right and responsibilities within my chosen business.

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ALTON TOWERS Introduction This module will look at the importance and contribution of different groups of people in a business. The report is on a theme park. The purpose for the report is to explain and outline the role of stakeholders, customer service, protection of customers, job roles, working arrangements, recruitment, training and employee right and responsibilities within my chosen business. This report is mainly based on our account of the visit we made to the park. The research I've carried out in term of completing this report was made possible by the use of website, class notes, teacher and library resource such as books. Situated within 506 acres of land in Stafford shire countryside, Alton Towers is currently UK's most favorable theme park. The theme park receives 2.7 million guests a year. It has over 1,500 rides and attraction since 1993. It offers enhancing career opportunities as well as a genius life experience to its local community. As a result Alton towers won the Tony campaign present award as Britain's top theme park for families with children. In 1997, it won the top award in the tourist attraction category, which is well known as EASE (Ease of Access Services & Employment)-(this organization is closely organized for Queen Elizabeth' s foundation for disable people.) Like many theme parks, the Tussauds group owns Alton towers. Recently Alton tower has invested 2.5 million to introduce two more new rides and toy land rides. The theme park has it on hotel and Water Park. It provides training venues for it staff. As a result the safety record of the park are second to none and they are way over those required by the law. People in business- theme park There are different groups of people who individually contribute to the existence of the theme park. Different people who share a similar set of aims play different roles towards the success of a business. ...read more.


* Sex Discrimination Act 1975- This Act makes it illegal for employers to discriminate against individuals on grounds of their sex or marital status. As this law applies to men as well as women, it makes it impossible for employers to advertise jobs by clearly excluding a particular sex. For instance Alton towers could not have advertised for 'female secretary' because this would have determined that the vacancy is only available for a particular sex. * Employment protection Act 1978- This Act gives employees a number of right that make their working conditions favorable to them. It gives employees * the right to receive a written contract of employment that gives the employee the main terms and conditions of the work. * the right to take time off for personal concerns like pregnancy and not be unfairly dismissed for such reasons. After pregnancy the employees will be able to continue with their work. * The right to receive a written statement for causes of dismissal and not to be unfairly dismissed without a reasonable cause. * The right for employees who worked for the business for a period of two years to receive redundancy payments if the jobs are being abolished. With regard to the equal opportunities and legal responsibilities, Alton Towers' Tussauds group policy opposes all formal, unlawful or unfair discriminations, victimizations and harassments that cab be practiced within the theme park. By making sure that there is a safe environment for employees, Alton Towers maintains it good reputation for providing equal opportunities, legal and ethical responsibilities for employee as well as for customers. Like employees, employers expect certain rights from their employees. Employers expect employees to: * Attend work for hours that were agreed in the contract * Carry out the duties that were expected from them for instance Alton towers expects its employees to take good care of the customers when using the rides. ...read more.


* Enhance guest relations by encouraging guest feedback. Furthermore, Alton Tower's customer service takes some further steps to provide a good customer service. They: * "Always remain pro-active looking for opportunities to help, even if people don't ask * Treat every individual guest like a v.i.p * Check that they do satisfy the guest * Try to exceed expectations * Keep focusing on ay of improving our service and product delivery." Closely looking at the consideration Alton Tower's customer service has offered its customers, it's no doubt that it has a good customer service. However in case of complaints, the customer service makes sure that it deals with them in a similar manner. Alton Tower regards complaints as 'an invaluable form of customer feedback' that result in an immediate review of the theme park's services and products. Complaints are dealt with on the park, through a form or telephone. (An example of a complaints form on which the customer making the complaint has to fill is displayed next page.). Alternatively, customer service personnel can complete compliant forms over phone. All complaints made are the logged a sophisticated system hereby various report are generated and then used by management of Alton Towers. Following are some steps the customer service personnel considers when dealing with a compliant from a customer. * Be calm * Empathize/ sympathize * Use positive body language * Don't justify- offer solution not explanations * Use an area where staff and guest feel comfortable to deal with the complaint * Listen- be patient and pay attention * Try to find out what can be done to make the guest feel better and act on it. * Be aware of when to call for assistance * Make sure any further communication is agreed with the guest. Below is an example of a typical complaint procedure depending on whether or not the customer was satisfied with the way the complaint was dealt with. COMPLAINT PROCEDURE ...read more.

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