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the purpose of communication in business

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The purpose of communication in business Different types of communication have different purposes. For each of the scenarios given in the table, describe the purpose of each type of communication, choosing from the list below: � To promote � To confirm � To inform � To make a request � To instruct Scenario Purpose A national furniture company phoning a customer to say a delivery will be late To inform- letting them know A meeting between a supervisor and employee to receive targets to be done for that day To instruct- directing on what to do, make a request, confirm ,inform A hotel ringing to let a customer know that a booking has been made and to check details To confirm, inform A letter being sent to a former customer letting them know about special offers To promote A ...read more.


Sometimes the way that you communicate is formal, and at other times informal. For each example, state whether the communication is formal, informal or both; in each case say why: Communication Formal Informal Meetings-because it might be important and a written record is needed ( (- it may be a meeting between colleagues that frequently talk to one another Telephone (- this is because no written record is needed and you may start the conversation in a formal way but it then becomes more informal as the conversation will be more friendly. important things are usually discussed face to face Talking with your supervisor ( even though the supervisor is someone you know, they are above you and respect is due. ...read more.


To provide a customer with detailed information about a product * Written- you can keep hold of the information and make better judgement of the information in front of them could also refer back to it b. To check the layout with a colleague in the next office * Oral- does not take a long time to do, it's quite brief and easier to understand c. To arrange an appointment to the dentist. * Oral- easier to negotiate if it is sent by post, it may be harder to receive a reply in time d. To ask your boss if you can leave early on Friday * Oral- easier to discuss face to face e. To state how a customer was injured in reception * Written- kept as a record when and where it happened f. To provide information on travel arrangements Written-can refer back to it ...read more.

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