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The purpose of this report is to advise Coventry Sports Trust Limited (CST) on the key considerations and their significance on the proposed appointment of a Human Resource Manager.

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Subject - Appointment of Human Resource Manager Report to: CST Management Team, Majorie Ridley 5th January 2004 Purpose of Report The purpose of this report is to advise Coventry Sports Trust Limited (CST) on the key considerations and their significance on the proposed appointment of a Human Resource Manager. The report will cover the various issues relating to new approaches in Human Resource management, procedures and practices for obtaining suitable employees, principles and procedures for monitoring and rewarding the employee, and employee exit from the organisation. The report will be on the basis of which the management team can reach a sensible conclusion on the way forward. Introduction Coventry Sports Trust Limited (CST) was formed in April 1999 and promotes healthy lifestyle options through the provision of sports and leisure services to those who live, work or visit the City. Such services had previously been provided by Coventry City Council. CST has operated without a Human Resource Manager since its establishment and now is in an ideal position to appoint such a role. We know that until now recruitment, reward, redundancy, grievance procedures, etc. have been very ad hoc and a point has now been reached where structure needs to be introduced as the Chief Executive Michael Rossington is beginning to worry that CST could be laying itself open to falling foul of multitude of employment laws currently in place. We know the company employs 370 plus staff across seven sites and with the introduction of such a structure should enable long term success in the company's future. The current "personnel" function is not ideal, with the influx of temporary staff there appears to be no stability. The employees of CST have become frustrated and dejected with the current set up. Changes need to be made to prevent further discontentment in the future. Personnel Management and the New Approach of Human Resource Management (HRM) Before HRM the closest comparable function was the personnel department (their differences can be seen best in Appendices A&B). ...read more.


CST is advised to when dealing with references to get them after the interview has taken place, this will cut down on paperwork and when CST send for reference we need to know the key points on which we want to receive comments. When assessing candidates CST is advised attempt to get the best people within existing budgets, these are the people with the most appropriate skills and CST want to select people who will stay with the company. CST need to be aware that interviewing requires a considerable amount of intelligence and inventiveness. The pre-determined questions CST ask should be tailored to assess the suitability of the candidate for the job in many different areas. CST is urged to do interviewing in a professional manner and remember it is up to the interviewee to convince CST they can meet our needs. For ST it will be important to appraise the success of interviews. CST can make considerations on whether the interview was an appropriate method of selecting the best candidate for the job. As well as interviewing CST should be aware of psychometric and aptitude testing. If CST utilise such methods they can be considered reliable indicators of the sociability/personality, and they are useful predictors of whether individuals will fit into CST. CST is bound by the law and by the requirements to operate in a moral way in terms of our employment policies. The key laws CST will need to comply with in relation to recruitment are: * The Race Relations Act 1976 * The Sex Discrimination Act 1975 * The disability Discrimination Act 199 * The Equal Pay Act 1970 If CST do not comply with these laws CST will find themselves it great difficulty. Knowledge of these laws will be key to the successful appointment of a HR Manager. direct/indirect discrimination and victimisation are areas CST must associate themselves with. ...read more.


Like any human relationship worth developing there has to be on both sides commitment, accommodation, compromise and a strong desire to satisfy the other's requirements if the relationship is to have a long success and mutually satisfying. Many managers are uneasy and uncomfortable with this kind of language/sentiment and with good reason as they do not possess the human resource leadership skills to create and maintain a work environment where this kind of relationship is possible. They have probably never been trained or educated to attain the skills necessary to develop and maintain a work environment which is conducive to openness. A perceived easier option is to create, maintain an autocratic or bureaucratic type of relationship which is far less complicated and provides the ideal work environment where employees can be managed and controlled. However, this style of management has evolved from the military command & control model which is required to get people up out of the trenches and face the enemy it does not work if the objective is to maximise the potential of the Employees in an Organisation. Companies seeking sustained competitive advantage in the 21st. Century, human resource leadership is going to be key. It is only in an environment where highly motivated employees at all levels within the organisation working and communicating with each other for equally beneficial rewards that the resources required will be accessed and maximised to achieve long term competitive advantage. The culture and core values of the organisation must support this style of work environment by hiring Employees that fit the concept and creating/sustaining the employment conditions to maximise Employee retention and development. This can be achieved somewhat when appointing a new Human Resource Manager. FAIRFAX ST * COVENTRY * CV1 5RY TEL (024) 7625 2525 * FAX (024) 7625 2526 WWW.COVENTRYSPORTS.CO.UK Joseph Barr Human Resource Specialist Best Value Consultants COVENTRY SPORTS TRUST LTD IS A COMPANY REGISTERED IN ENGLAND AND WALES REG NO. 3738779 REGISTERED OFFICE: COUNCIL HOUSE, EARL ST, COVENTRY, CV1 5RR REGISTERED CHARITY NUMBER 1092977 -1- ...read more.

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