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The Recruitment Process - When a business makes a decision to recruit for a vacancy, it is important that it identifies the right staff to fill the post. It would be a waste of its time, effort and money if it selected the wrong candidate.

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RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION The Recruitment Process When a business makes a decision to recruit for a vacancy, it is important that it identifies the right staff to fill the post. It would be a waste of its time, effort and money if it selected the wrong candidate. This is why businesses need to be very clear about the job role and the kind of person they need. The recruitment process is this: * The decision is made whether recruitment is necessary * The job description is prepared * The personal specification is prepared * Plans are made as to haw and when to advertise * Applicants are short listed * References are requested * Candidates are invited for interviews and selection tests * The successful candidate is offered the job and signs the contract of employment There are a wide variety of reasons why organisations may need to recruit staff. These could be: * The growth of the organisations means that there is more work. * The organisation has re - structured, leaving vacancies in some areas. * Job roles have changed within them business. This could be as a result of re - structuring, or could be due to the introduction of new technology, or a response to changes in the market in which the business operates * Someone has retired, resigned, and been dismissed or suffered serious illness or death. Any of these events will leave a vacancy that the business will need to fill At Anwar & Co the main reason why they recruit is to help on the accounts. ...read more.


When it has filled the vacancy, it can use the job description to help assess employee performance and salary levels. Small organisations, in particular, expect employees to be flexible. Job descriptions will need updating periodically to include new tasks and responsibilities. An Anwar & Co job description: Personal Specification Once the details of the job are finalised the next step is to decide on the sort of individual who best matches the job. In order to achieve this a Personal Specification will be prepared which clearly identifies the skill, experience and personality traits required of the successful candidate. This document is crucial to the recruitment process as it forms the basis of all that follows. This document can be seen as a blue print for the ideal employee. These documents vary depending upon the type of job on offer. The attributes required of a surgeon will obviously be different those required of a welder. However, it is common practice to adopt a similar format when preparing the personal specification for either. One method of presenting the information is based upon the 'Seven Point Plan'. There are seven sections identified but all seven may not be relevant in each individual case. The Personal Specification at Anwar & Co looked like: Job Analysis & Job Evaluation Job analysis This is an investigation into the demands of a job to identify the tasks and skills required for high performance (to draw up a job description). ...read more.


* Agencies * Recruitment consultants * Internet Location is not the only criteria and, as costs of advertising are nationally is significant; such advertisements are for senior positions. TV advertising can be very expensive and is usually only used by large organisations. Since Anwar & Co has a job advertisement, but they heavily rely on the Rochdale Job Centre to advertise their vacancy any way they choose. An external job advertisement at Anwar & Co looks like this: The Application Form An application form consists of different areas; the employer wants to know about the employee. These could be: * Personal information. Such as: o Name, age, DOB, address * Qualifications * Experience * Skills/Qualities It also has other areas. Anwar & Co have no application form but potential employees are invited to send a letter of application with a CV to the company, who will then assess the candidates against their requirements and invite the short listed candidates for interviews. Applicants are Short listed As a result of the advertising mentioned above the business can expect to receive applications for the position. Some advertisements generate huge numbers of applicants. The recruiter then has the task of selecting one candidate that most closely matches the personal specification. The advertisement will clearly state what method of contact is to be used. In the case of Anwar & Co the type of contact to be used is the telephone. The quality of people that apply will determine how many of them have the skills needed for the job. ...read more.

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